Ray Widgets - Not Installed, but they are...

Stuart038 posted 11th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Ray 3.5 widgets state they are not installed, but they are and they are working?


Are these updates??

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Yeah I have the 6.1 adfree installed and all the ray modules actually work on the initial install out of the box.

Problem is when you need to configure them you have to "install" them..... Well the licensing system is so screwed up that when you try to install them it doesn't work. Wrong license" or worse you finally get your license to work and then your modules start showing ads.
Thanks, I will wait and see what happens when the next update comes along!!
It's too bad that boonex doesn't just take all the Ray widgets and put them in the circular file....Start using open social... Opening the doors to real widget creation and invention by the same people who use and make widgets for other sites like.... (Myspace,Facebook,google)
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