Ray Desktop - Need Answers Please?

linksys7 posted 22nd of April 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
Ok I've looked everywhere and have looked throughout many many post and have found lots of questions but no answers to the ray desktop issues. I have setup the admin and created the install file and have installed it and everything but the chat works. It trys to connect then says this widget not registered. The video works and all other aspects work correctly. My desktop widget in my ray suite is registered, enabled and I have the proper license for it (free version). My dolphin version is free also, Ive looked in the xml files for the proper version to ensure this was correct. I'm assuming because its telling me this widget not registered that the desktop application is connecting, and my video is working correctly without problems. If anyone needs more information of my setup to be able to help me further or if anyone knows that there are already issues with this application that are going to be corrected please let me know, thank you in advance. Id love to use this because its a great addition to an already terrific collection of software boonex has made outstanding progress with.
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Because the Free Versions are all utilizing the same server (BMS-BoonEx Media Server), your basically sharing the resources with every other Free-Version.

If your serious about your site, and you want dedicated performance, I would recommend paying the extra buck or two to get your own Ray Media Server RMS.
I have a dedicated RMS server through cyberXing, Ive already tryed the RMS on my machine and the speed was an issue so I went with dedicated. Connection to the RMS isnt a problem but connection to my chat through the desktop application is. the desktop application will connect and work with video but the chat doesnt.
i have the sam eproblem my desktop IM is not working i can't find help anywhere..niether on Unity nor in expertzzz...if u happen to slove the problem pls share..........
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