Ray Desktop Problem with Chat

gnom4oo posted 8th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
I have problems with start chat from ray desktop!
is says "this widget is not registered" but i have registered already all of ray widgets?Wath is wrong?
Sorry for my bad englishEmbarassed

Version of Ray : 3.1.0001 Free
Version of Dolphin : 6.0.0005 Free
Help me please Cry
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Theres a problem with the xml files being written to when you change settings in the ray suite popup.
I have been manually entering information on about 30 sites. Everyone on 0003 stay there till this wave is over heh


<item key="status"><![CDATA[enabled]]></item><item key="license"><![CDATA[putyourlicensehere]]></item>

anyone out there having probs like this its a manual way to make it happen
Hey Mr. Powerless thanks for the tips, I tried that and I am still showing my AV chat as "this widget is not registered" but when I look in the admin panel it shows it is registered. Any ideas?
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