Ray Suite main page is giving blank screen only.

mittalpatel posted 13th of April 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
Hello people out there,
I uploaded the Dolphin alone with Ray and Orca. Now the problem I am facing is, when I click on Ray Suite administration control panel link, it opens up new window but nothing is there on that window. Control panel window shows nothing else then a blank screen. Totally blank screen. No error or nothing else.

Can anyone tell me what problem I might be facing, which is preventing opening up the Ray Suite control panel?

Hope some will reply soon.

Thanks in advanced.

- Mittal Patel
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dovresti scrivere sul forum
secondo me
lujing to dhis link:
Hey, I figured it out. I was stupid enough not to read the basic requirements for working of Ray. I didn't have JRE installed on my hosting as it was shared one.
I purchased a new VPS, installed everything needed and then installed Dolphin+Ray. And I am happy to say its working fine now.

Thanks a lot guys....

- Mittal Patel
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