Re-evaluated MYSELF this time...the conclusion?

slimgoody posted 29th of September 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Well, I've talked so much about what I wanted to change and the possibility of me moving on to another script.But I'm realizing that this is going to be the direction I go in. I'm starting to see that as things grow so does the responsibilty. I've come along way with Dolphin but I've now realized that I've run out of room.I guess I'm starting to feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders right now. I'm the only person on the team who actually knows anything about anything. But as I say this, I want to say that We are about to remove our site and invest in something much more flexible.

I've decided.....


I've done tons of talking about my website but no one has actually seen what we've done so far. I was afraid to showcase my website but I'm over that. I figure if any of my fellow dolphin members want to act like children and do something to my site out of sheer boredom and ignorance then this may not be the place for me, anyway. 

Just kididng, NOT DOING IT. We have decided ( I have decided) to let Dolphin go. It's way too difficult to extend this script. I've never had so much trouble customzing my site. I'ev come to the conclusion that if I just spent a couple of hundred dollars on a script that works for me, then that would be much less that I would end up spend on Dolphin in the long run. Modules cost an arm and a leg and on top of that you have to pay some one to put them in. (if you need it) I can't seem to get the simplest thing done, like swap out my media player and the bottom line is, it's not user friendly AT ALL. IT's a cool dating site and that is exactly what it's made for but as far as it being a "Music Site," it's not working for me. It was a nice try but we need a huge make over before we actually hit the web for real.

Now the real question is.....


Are web searchers more comfortable with and attracted to white backgrounds than they are colorful ones? I tried askin gmyself this question but I'm not all that sure. I gravitate to white backgrounds as well as colorful ones. I believe though, that the white backgrounds get my attention the longest. This is a poll question I thought about taking when I get the time, thought I would start here.


As far as my previous post, I wanted to stomp around this subject real quick before I bounced out of here. CHAP1978, can you please explain to me your purpose? I checked out the website like you asked me to but then I get there and I'm bombarded by all these flash files. I go to your profile and there is absolutely nothing to look at, I'm confused. I don't mind you giving me a referral link, you hit me up with some useful information and I'm greatful for that. And that is exactly why I checked out whatever it was you left in my comment section, BUT if you are going to send me to a referral link, at least have something to offer me! I was ready to buy something but was thrown off by the sight of "NOTHING."


Well, this just may be my last post. We are deciding between Joomla/jomsocial and or Jamroom. Whichever one we choose will definitely best fit us. I must admit that I learned alot while using Dolphin, so I'm sure that I'm going to have less of a problem using other Open source Scripts.


Good bye to everyone whom I've met and chatted with along the way.Hopefully I will see you at the top.


Moving on!

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I think I am right behind you also. It's time to stop playing with this so called "Next Best Thing" and move on to something else after 3 years. I am thinking of going with Joomla and will probably set up a test site and ask my members to compare it to what we have now. I just don't have the time to work on all that is wrong with this software. I can not even get the migration to work right. NEVER have been able to get the avatars to transfer with the members accounts, and same with the see more photos. I have asked and asked but no one cane explain to me why this does not transfer. People offer to work on my site, but they also don't want to help for free. (except Dolphin_Jay and DosDawg) which I thank very much for all their help.. But something as simple as transferring data seems to be not so simple after all. Some people say, "wait this software works right out of the box'. Well wait tell you want to add something or move something or change something, then all heck breaks loose and your site is a mess.I will wait for the release of D7.03 and if I am still having the basic issues with it, I will be gone. Tired of paying out the nose for hosting and RMS service when money is very tight and I still have not found a job. Anyways, I completely understand where you are coming from and am sure Boonex wont care if we leave, as they only care about investors leaving. I am nothing to this site, and that's ok with me. I have learned a lot and met some great people and hope they get their chit together soon for those who want to stay.
Oh LghtWolf I totally feel your pain. I had a fond love for Boonex until I realized that making it extensive was NOT a possibility. The software DOES work right out the box as long as you don't want to make it your own.

The crazy thing about me is that I never wanted anyone to work on my site for free, I always layed an offer out on the table but for some reason or another people are more interested in selling a darn module. And I have bought my fair share of modules so buying isn't an issue. see more I just feel like the basic functionality of any type of script should work right out the gate. Dolphin has been at this for 10 years, whats the problem?I as well, have met some pretty cool people, (not many) but DosDawg and Dolphin_Jay are one of those people, along with Houston Lively and JasonVan, who I would love to sit down with and just chit chat about SEO and web building. They have taught me alot. I think that I have gotten all that I'm going to get out of Dolphin.
I'll tell you one thing that probably worked against me during my time at Boonex, the fact that I'm a female! This site is dominated by males who think they know EVERY THING but know absolutely nothing. (some males) I've had to snap off on a couple of them a few times.

I actually have a little knowledge pertaining Joomla, I've worked with it a couple of times. So if you just so happen to wonder over to the other side. Give me a holler. I've given Boonex way more than enough of my time and money. I think me finding out that I couldn't swap out my media player because it's a ray media player and it's hard coded into the script is what made me throw the towel in. Not worth my time.
I think Boonex should take word-press or joomla as an example how things are done. Guess what? They all have food on the table and deliver rocking CMS scripts. Friendly support. I only needed it once out of around 20 sites I made with joomla. Over 50 modules, over 50 plug-ins and extensions, so triple the features from Dolphin and never, never ever had any issues with upgrades. Just 2 or 3 times with a 3rd party extension.

Boonex needs to think over it's strategies and concepts so that updates see more and repairs work smoothly (probably gradually smaller upgrades at a time).

You can extent community builder with almost any features you want. The sky is the limit and it works smoothly. The same for virtue-mart with joomla.

I do understand people when they get fed up with the way it is.

On my site too, it seems as if scripts becoming ghosts and act themselves. I never had that with joomla. The maximum problem I had altogether were table repairs which is just a mouse click and everything was put into the right place again.

Sorry to say that, but joomla is built to serve communities and Dolphin it seems to milk cows.
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