Remove dolphin advertising in index page

hawiligroup posted 17th of April 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
i have Dolphin-v.6.1.0b2
and i want to remove dolphin Orca and  Ray from index page?
where it located in the bottom of the index page
can anyone help me with that?
thanks in advance
Raed Hawili
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You cant do that as it is a free version. There aren't any ad-free versions yet where the ads can be removed. Please do not even think about removing those.
on my site the ad on the bottom of the chat and the board is blocking the text box on the chat and the bottons on the board?
that happened suddenly,it was working fine before.
how can i fix that??/
thank you
guys how to update from 6.1 b2 to 6.1rc2??
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