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CodeSatori posted 1st of November 2009 in Community Voice. 13 comments.

Much water has flown under the bridge since August and my previous blog on release dates, the premises for the back-then estimates revised with security audits and whatnot. Let's review the situation again for everyone's peace of mind.

I have some Dolphin 7 work lined up, and I would much prefer to work on at least a RC that has its database structures and general working logic stabilized, to avoid having to redo substantial amounts of the work when the Dolphin development rolls on to the next RC and onward.

Therefore, I would like to hear these estimates from the staff:

  1. When approximately can we expect to see a Dolphin 7 RC1 available for download?

  2. Will RC1 be stable and established enough to permit mod and plugin development without having to substantially revise them with the next RC?

  3. An educated guess on how many RCs we are likely to see before a stable version — two or seven-and-a-half?

  4. And are we likely to see the stable version out and available for the January market?

I am assuming that by now, as we are at Beta8 and counting, the Boonex development team will have a realistic perspective on the range of pending work until things are wrapped up. I for one need to budget my time and workload — and I'm positive I'm not alone in this. Pretty please?

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CS, adding one more question here...

Andrew, will we get server side easy install from RC version onwards?

I tested only few Betas at Boonex Demo site only.

Installing Betas' and RCs' again n again is time taking n tuff for less technical ppl like me.
Good luck!

I mean it! I have completed all my D7 projects on D7B7 and promised to update each of my respective client's code and DB when anything remotely stable comes out. I can see hours of fun ahead of me. I have stopped taking on anything D7 (I have learn't my lesson) and I am sticking with D6 for the moment :o)
Andrew Boon
1. It's most likely next week for RC1. One more beta is unlikely, but we have some more security-related stuff to do and a few bugs to fix.

2. hard to say about stability, for it's not going to be the RF version. I would assume it's going to be rather stable, but no guarantees. We do not plan ANY serious review in "after RC" naturally, all we want is to peacefully turn into the Final.

3. This one's tricky... Technically, RC can be converted into Final whenever we want, unless there's see more something really bad found during RC-stage testing (and this CAN happen for we all know people are going to use it for live sites and testing would be much more vigorous). So, my guess is as good as yours here. From the top of the head.. well, maybe 1 or 2. I actually want it released "yesterday" for now over 6 months.

4. Most definitely (disclaimer: this is not a promise, it's a "commitment", and expression of dedication if you will. Don't quote me here if it's not in, and you have your plans crashed).

5. As for auto-install... Funny thing, but you can actually find a desktop application for D7 auto installation ALREADY, so I would assume that yes, something will be available. BoonEx will provide upgrade tools after RC1, but I'm not sure which "form" r level of complexity would that be.
Andrew, I very sincerely do not wish to cause offense, but I am starting to think I must be a really stupid person for believing this stuff. Remember, in your blog "When" on October 15 you said "We'll release RC1 by the end of next week" - whether that was a "promise" or a "commitment" I don't know, but it was a pretty firm statement so it should have been ready by October 23rd.

Then on mydatery's blog post last week you said you "really want to see more have the RC released next week" - this was not as firm as your statement the previous week but still sounded pretty positive. But next week is now - so it sounds like that wasn't true either. Now you are saying "It's most likely next week for RC1" - an even weaker statement for an again delayed date and unkept commitment. Can you understand why people are starting to freak out here?

At the risk of sounding like "Johnny one not" you can fix this by just giving us an upgrade script. Why even wait until the "RC" - just say you will do it for beta 8 rev 1. The upgrade script should be a part of the product anyway - it is even more important than the D6 conversion module, and your "testing" is going to be crappy until you do it.

I want to emphasize it doesn't matter what you call it as long as we have that upgrade script. Call it Beta 9 if you want, or Alpha 20, whatever. I think Gmail called itself a beta for five years or something like that. We just need to immediately end this horribly demoralizing practice of having to destroy our would every few weeks - in no one's worst nightmares did we think this would last this long.

I also really think you should find someone in your organization to act as "community liaison" - or webmasters liaison - some title like that. It would be their job to look at things from the perspective of the members who are using trying to use your software to build online communities. These is no one there like that now- you are all visionary developers, but the "vision" has now become more important than the people who are trying to use your software and it is really starting to show.
Like I said, you reply in the "Chosen Ones" blogs. We get the crap replies..geez you are a real business man.
Thanks for the reply unoboonex, we can understand what your going through but a friendly word of advice - have a sit-down with those coders who are trying to keep their job by keeping this going.
The chosen one thanks Andrew for the answers!
Are you a real person... or do you exist only in 'The Matrix'?
Never ask me if I'm a real person! The only thing my answer would accomplish is making others doubt whether it's likely that they or anyone they know are real persons...
Hoston can only aspire to a beard like yours. Tell me, if you or someone else cuts off your beard, do you lose all your coding powers?
Always depends on the pills you're taking... (the Red, or the Blue ones;) )
Sometimes popping both is the only way to retain sanity.
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