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meinecommunity posted 6th of March 2010 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

Hi everyone. Is anyone familair with the SMS text mod for D7, the one that enables cell phone text messaging from all around the world? How do you add a new provider? If I have friends in Germany and in England will I be able to add their providers without a problem, companies such as Eplus, Vodaphone, O2, and others? Is it possible to pay via Paypal? Last time that I made a payment through SWR or whatever that site is, I got totally ripped off ... will never use them again ... and I'm not the only one either. Any info. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Nathan Paton
You're best bet would be to contact the developer of this modification, as they would know more than some random person here (like myself).
When I read about the mod, I got the impression users just selected provider for their phone in a drop down list.
But only the demo has included many, and developer indeed says to contact for information on how to add more.
Seems you need providers info - and insert to gateway file..

Free SMS usually means sponsor paid SMS (containing sponsor text), unsure about this one though.
I'm looking for reviews :)

(working on module see more for 2 different senders we use, paid and optionally sponsor paid. considering making it available public if there is any interest for it - or maybe this one does the trick:)
That SMS script is Just an iframe of someone else's SMS script that KMD is selling at a huge markup, The original sells for $10 here

You might find more information if you contact the actual owners of the script. Why anyone would pay an extra 25 bucks to learn how to put something in a iframe, is beyond my comprehension.

Irregardless of all that, I feel that the script is useless because you cannot see more send an sms without knowing the service provider of the recipient. Furthermore, since the 'SMS' is sent using the php sendmail function with no return path, there is no way of knowing that the message was even delivered. If you enter a number, and select the wrong carrier, the message will not be delivered, and you'll never know. I have a lot of numbers in my cell phone directory, but I'll be damned if I know who the service provider is for each one of them.... I suppose I could narrow it down to 6-7 possibilities in half the cases.
Somebody should integrate the SMS gateway. It's not free, but it's the best there is.
Thanks houstonlively & kreativ,

Heck, I tought that it might be kind'a cool to have this if the service can be had for free and without sponsor messages. We just moved back to the USA from Germany last month and our teenage son has a girlfriend in Germany. They love to send SMSs back and forth all of the time ... even though they have computers with email, chat, greeting cards, communities, and whathaveyou. It's just another toy for people to use ...
I checked out the clickatell link but see more find that one to be too much "in your face" which is why I was looking for something simple like that iFrame which coild be modified to suit our needs. Ah well, thanks for your time. 'later ...
I bet this dolphin module actually IS using :)
Just not sure what covers the bill..

After searching around, I find many similar scripts also. (priced from the $ 10 linked above, to $ 400..)
and believe most of them basically grab a free API from clickatell and Sell it..

The reasons sms is free could be one of these:
1. Affiliate system. They get more free sms credited to their account for each site or phonenumber they sign up. (credits can then be used for free sms - or see more sell to users.)
2. Spam system. For a free sms (maybe really 0.056 euro/sms) they get your customers and *could* send them bulk spam and newsletters..
3. Ad system. Txt ad on receiver end. -Not so bad, but ideally the Sender should be the one to view ads :)

Perhaps others also, or a mix..

Here is a short line from one of the sms gateways to clickatell (click and tell? :))
>In order to receive additional SMS credits, members will need to complete offers, registrations or participating in any online activities with that companies that you partner with.
>Receive extra SMS credits for referring friends to signup for a free account

Sounds annoying..

Here's the link to that info, but promise not to buy into it for $400 and give away users eh.. :)
Could risk selling good customers for 0.056 euro a piece it seems.

Say we had 100.000 users phonenumbers from one contry, and signed them all up.
Then went to businesses and told them we could promote their products to 100.000 users directly.. sms is good response usually.
Then sell this about 12-48 times a year.. probably not unheard of.
But I want to really point out - I am NOT saying this module for dolphin is doing any of these possibilities to cover the sms cost!
Just guessing they are also using clickatell, based on what I found online - a lot seem to base on that API.
- Rather the opposite, my impression of the module makers site is good. Lots of usefull info, tips and even some cool free stuff (facebook template, hehe nice!).

But I do get curious and suspicious at the same time,
since there is see more no mention of how the actual cost of sending sms is being covered.
Cause free as in free beer is just not an option!
Hopefully they can elaborate on this when asked.
Could be they earn only on the module, and possibly the provider shows ads to cover their sms (surely cheaper sms for provider).

Does anyone have this module on their site? I'd love to try it. (might find one among happy customers)
If it works well when I sign up my mom, I'll go back and recommend it. :)

- I know of one company that offers free sms in my country (suggested them one of their current providers),
and they state "you will not receive any commercials from us on sms or email" - But the receivers do... and no mention of it ;)
As for making dolphin sms modules,
they would all be just a submit form or iframe and such - unless you squeeze an actual API in there also. (only reason I see - is easy install, maybe)
Dolphine module could be an interface to the sms API. (local or remote, paid or mystically free)

Houston.. Good point about knowing provider, perhaps this is cutting some cost with a cheaper, direct route?
Numbers are often moved to another provider, could look it up online almost like who owns what IP. Had see more a list, but was outdated fast. hehe

Clickatell is interesting for many sites, since they do not require a purchase of large quantum.
In my mind that is not a real advantage :) (probably one of the reasons they are big.. but i would not say best - and for sure not the first as they claim :)
Their sms sends where received quickly though, so it works well! :)

Meinecom.. For that use, the module is a nice addition indeed. Could just write on the page, there might be an ad showing in sms, then that is done right :) probably a good deal also, thinking about regular prices on sms abroad.

Anonymous spamming is a concern though, and most providers can spoof also :) Had some fun with that ;)

Sleepy time now,
looking forward to getting back to this :)
Got reply from KMD, maker of the Free sms module..

" Hello,

There are no ads, or sign ups or Any hidden fees.

I believe him fully, and now recommend this for some types of use!

The point by huston is the reason..
You will not be sure messages are sent - so then it is good for any use where users are ok with some sms not arriving.
You also absolutely have to get the provider right for the user to receive sms.
(I expect it will work about 80% of the time or more - loose see more guess)
So letting users know this, will avoid sour grapes in support inbox :)
Apart from that, this is a really clever module! ;)

*Think* I fugured out how this is done :)
Did not work for my phone though, probably cause I have blocked this option on my phone provider..

If we did not already have sms systems, I'd install this for some fun and user attraction.
(But would have to watch for spamming in outgoing traffic log - even block words, senders, receivers etc..)

Cheers :)
Hi there

I have just written a script which will work with Clickatell so allow members to register their mobile and using a MO number, update their wall using sms. Members first enter their number to get a unique code, then after confirming their code they can then use their mobile to update their profile wall. I have set it up to work with Spy Wall from Ilbellodelweb.

So it is possible...
Hello no118, I need your mods. Pls contact me.
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