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handsconnect posted 15th of October 2009 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

As we would all like to see D7 RC yesterday, by using Trac Timeline can help with making this more possible with the next release, if we each track the tickets that are applied to Bug Reports.

Many are not fully aware how Trac Timeline can be used to follow the progress of your Bug Report & the fix that is applied.

Timeline is Date & Time stamped, to when the ticket was opened, closed & more, but the important part to learn here is how to make Trac TimeLine & Roadmap your Friend.

We are noticing more & more the use of Tickets added to forum post related to a bug report, let's better understand the importance on how we can follow these tickets.

1: A yellow folder along with the ticket number are created when the ticket is opened.

2: In no set order Changeset & a green tick in the yellow folder appear

The green tick let's you know that ticket is now closed.

The changeset will show the related ticket number usually this will have a strikeout line through the related ticket number.

By clicking on the changeset will show what (Fixes) changes applies to one or all of the files listed, color code makes changes easy to understand, red is out with the old & green is in with the new.

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

If we all spend the time we take in testing & reporting bugs & follow up on the tickets that are posted in the forum related to the bug, report back the link to the changeset FIX, apply the fix, this then let's Boonex know if that worked as intended, or is if created further bugs, if so let them know so this gets fixed before the next release, rather that wait.

The end result will be a faster path to a Stable D7.

Learn to follow Trac, it is your fast track to supported fixes.

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Handsconnect. I assume this post was inspired by my questions on the forums, and wanted to thank you for a simple explanation and good communication. This is something I wish I had known about a year ago - and probably should have. The ability to fix some of these bugs in real time is priceless.
Absolutely Caltrade, this is a feature that is is not being used in the way it should be by many, but the say saying goes "You don't know, until you know"

As we see the posts on compiling Orca, the answer is there if only the time is taken to search, as with Boonex has no support, but many fail to search their own backyard.

Trac is the there to support, the tickets are the source to follow through on, as can be clearly seen once understanding that once a ticket is posted in the forum, see more then it is just a matter of following through the with the support ticket until it is closed & applying the fix provided by Boonex
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