Scoop 2: The Future of Social Networking

Andrew Boon posted 6th of December 2010 in Boonex News. 4 comments.

Mark Suster posted an interesting "predictions" article at Techcrunch -


Social Networking: The Future


it goes well with his earlier article on current state of social networking and I definitely recommend to read both just to ignite the part of brain that's responsible for ideas and strategic planning.


Particularly interesting bit is that he predicts "[forming] Around "True" Social Networks: Quora, HackerNews, Namesake, StockTwits". In other words - death of Facebook and, boosted by data-portability, rise of niche social networks. Sounds like good news for fellow Dolphin users.


Right now Facebook swallows huge chunk of SN traffic and many people are reluctant to join other networks, since their friends are on Facebook. Facebook Connect solves login issue somewhat, but social graph is still left behind. When (no IF) it becomes portable we'll be seeing the golden age of niche/content networks (read - accelerated growth of Dolphin-powered sites). BoonEx will, of couse, make sure to develop a cozy host for social graph export file, once it's available.

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I said this a while back that Facebook end is near.
lots of people are stopping using FB due to the CIA 'backing' reported recently.
One thing facebook has that Dolphin doesn't, is "Community Pages".....This is a very useful feature that Boonex should consider....I would personally love to have this on my website.....I would encourage Boonex or someone else to consider coming out with a Community Pages module.
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