Scoop 5: How Has Internet Dating Changed Society?

Andrew Boon posted 20th of January 2011 in News. 4 comments.

Here's a great read to get inspired and to see a wider picture for anyone interested in online dating business. Mark Brooks gathered a great white paper that features opinions of the top executives in internet dating industry (IDEA members, and I am grateful for and pleased to be listed among them). Mark is offering the document for free download, so go grab your copy!


How Has Internet Dating Changed Society?

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A Big YES!
It has screwed my life...
and i have adapted to it...
ultimately now my DNA also has been modified by that impact...
My only question is, how many internet dating sites is enough? Everybody on this site seems to be building a dating site or a porn site.... as if the world didn't have enough of those.
Golden words...

i wanted to give something different to my members with D6,7
and endup with a social site again...

no matter how hard i plan to create a natural relationship campaigns...
the members are already infected too much with the "social toxins"

and still worse is give a popup of a natural D7 site ppl just close it and go...
popup a facebook like clone site they signup without even exploring what it is... bah.!!
I agree, too many dating sites and porn sites being made. What's happening is that the internet is getting flooded with these sites. People using Dolphin need to come up with new ideas for sites instead of trying to do what has already been done and what there is way too much of. Originality is the key.
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