ShoutBox is LOADING .... but

jboyte posted 5th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
ShoutBox is LOADING .... but it never completes loading and starts working.

All my RAY 3.5 widgets with 6.1 just continue to say LOADING.
---------------------------- so far -----------------------
1) Installed and Resisted and Enabled
2) BASE SETTING: Use RMS Checked
3) Admin ADV settings: ENABLE RAY checked
4) Enables and tested ports
1935, 1936, 5080, 10000 & 10080

The ip address is

I do not RMS installed on my server yet and am pointing to
---- what else do I need to do? -----------
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What i did was go here and download Free Ray Suite 3.5. I replaced my rays folder with this and just followed the easy install instructions. Took 10 seconds :-) So if you have dolphin 6.1 free and have same issues with video player,follow what i did and then smile!!
LightWolf's Solution WORKED for me.
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