Site Administration: Creation of Super User(s) for added security

Kingphish posted 9th of March 2011 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

I've worked with various Internet-based technologies for 5+ years involving various compliance technologies (that is technologies that help prevent you from doing business with known bad guys), and one of the useful functions of the technologies beyond their intended use was their ability to issue Administration levels. That is, I was a SuperUser who was able to grant others temporary use of the technologies and control what parts of the technology they'd see and visit.


Now, I'm not suggestion this elaborate function for Dolphin, but it would be nice to not have to change my password after I grant someone access to the back-end of my Dolphin site. It would be nice to be able to have better security and control of what they people I hire see and work on.


As a first step, it would be a good idea to incorporate two user rights: (1) SuperUser (site owner); and (2) Administrative Users or "Admin" (permanent or temporary users allowed to access the site for specific and general reasons). The SuperUser would issue Admin access and determine what they'd do. The SuperUser would have full access to the site while Admins access would be determined by the Super User, but the Admins could never be a Super User. And, only the first SuperUser could create and delete other SuperUsers (up to 2 additional super users for multiple owners/partners).


The SuperUser would be able to send an email to Admins (at their personal or business email) to issue usernames and passwords and could set a time for said credentials to expire. The SuperUser could also set no expiration and discontinue privileges of Admins at any time. Of course, this does not apply to your hosting plan and directory (but it would be cool if it could).

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I have been asking for that functionality for 2 years. I developed one for ZenCart 3 years ago which is flawless in design, and I think that Boonex should follow in kind to undertake this needed function. Basically it breaks down permission on all menus and administration ao each person will have specific rights. It would work along the same as MenuBuilder on the front end, where you have the check marks for access. So you add an Admin, then select permissions..... which is nothing more see more than a checkbox on each admin menu function.
It is already possible to create "admins" membership and assign it manually to some users, there are already a lot of administrative actions to assign, but most of the admin part is not checked for membership actions, we will add more administrative membership actions in the future, so site owners will be able to use this feature in full.
Thanks for your response AlexT.
Alex, when this is implemented, please also add the ability for this to be implemented on a per-module basis as well since it would be nice to allow certain users admin rights to certain modules only.
AlexT, at second glance, I need you to clarify your response. Also, I don't know that this general knowledge.

Combined there are few possible issues: (1) I think there is a universal assumption that people who use Dolphin have the same level of expertise. If not, the platform is built that way; some of the responses (in forums and blogs) from other developers suggest it. (2) This platform is not "universally intuitive"; generally, the Dolphin platform consumes and burns through a lot see more of intellectual energy to (try) use it. It is definitely a platform for what I call "Sensei" level programmers and developers. And, that is ok, as long as the Administration Panel makes it easier (not easy) for the owners (regardless of their info tech abilities), but it doesn't. The level of easy is disproportionate instead of being easily distributed (i.e., some parts of harder to use than others).

More pointedly, the Admin area, in my opinion, was built without thinking about its audience or users, and its continued development disregards the spectrum of its user base. Also, where is the area in Unity that speaks to creating admin accounts?
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