Slow Dolphin Performance even on new install

Gazza posted 9th of April 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
I installed Dolphin a few days ago and it worked wonderfully. However yesterday I noticed a steady degradation in performance untill it finally ground to halt today and did not get past "Internal error 500 error"

So I reinstalled on two domains with the same host, the new install is very slow on the existing domain and not great on the newer. Host support reckon its a problem with Dolphin itself but have neglected to say what.

Any ideas?
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please login to ftp and go to the site root
then edit the file .htaccess which may be displayed and no name on your ftp client. remove any line similar to:

php flag register_global off

if this does not fix it try contacting
I did that, deleted that line , still no difference , guess its down to emailing support - cheers for that anyway
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