Social Games, like in FaceBook :S

agrisdul posted 21st of December 2010 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Hello, i have question, is this imposible Create module or plugin for Social games? for example: "Inside Social Games" like in, or in Uchome.!


Becouse Flash Single player games is old staff :( Now users are playing Multiplayer games, like happy farm, social city and other games.



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Maybe you should wait till Dolphin Version 20
@ tomakali LOL that was funny but I won't insult the original poster with jokes. Adding social games would be a mod I would gladly purchase as that one of the ONLY things Facebook has on Dolphin overall. I really would like more interactivity among my members and Social Games are a GREAT ideal 4 Dolphin to consider.

I would bet $100 if this happens soon before 1,2012

Dolphin 7 has everything as for records...
There are lots missing(what I want) in Dolphin 7.
As for boonex Dolphin product is just a CMS framework with options to add modules.

If only if boonex is worried about Developing another CMS as "Social CMS" they will develop social mods, else its not their burden(i guess so)
if you(on your own) can hire(on your own) a developer and build it(on your own), you can be happy see more with what you have...

Btw, My list goes on like this...
1.Mobile site[not app store apps]
2.IM integration info(wall) aggregator multiplayer games / hellotxt service integrations
6.developing Disqus like comments
7.better page building interface
8.TXT api integrations
9.Enhanced ,default Templates,privacy,points,challenges, contests and more
if someone has some of these you can contact me...
Interfacing a social game with Dolphin would be the easy part.
There are some sites, wich multiplayers games you can ebmed in your sites -, and a few others you can see here

i have seen a dolphin site, where when you join in dolphin site, your are auto log in in the come2play sistem, and that was verry nice, and the users ware play in multiplayer. Does anyone of you have a idea how to do that ? There are some options like some kind of API, but thet tells how to see more do it manual for anyone user, and that would be terrable.
Here's a social gaming module I put onto my site. It seems pretty good. The games are decent. The best part is that you can interact with players from other web sites. Here's my link---> BTW the company is called come-to-play. Just create another page to dedicate to this module. Cheers! BTW I think it's either written in iFrame or basic html.
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