Something weird is happening with language files on my site

annabel posted 15th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

As prescribed, I translated the English language strings into Dutch through admin panel.

A hell of a job, but I managed Laughing

My site is nearly ready now to publish (except for the database problem) and meanwhile I was testing some things.

I set Dutch as default language but English stays an option, the button (with flag) is on my site.

So I switched language into English using that button, but every time I click on a menu item, my entire site goes back to the 'default' Dutch language.

Someone else encountering this problem ?

You can try it out on (type the complete URL because there's also a index.html in my script to prevent people to see the site)

O yes .... thank you 'visitor' for sending me 2 greetings Tongue outTongue out 

It seems that this problem is still not being solved ... I hate to get greetings from anonymous people :-)

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Problems with language file is solved. It had to do with permissions after I re-installed the complete script.
Thanks Victor for helping me out.
Hoi Annabel,

Ik lees in jouw blog dat jij een dutch language download hebt.
Waar kan ik de download vinden en is die ook compatible met 6.15, de nieuwste versie?
Tot nu toe werkt geen enkele oudere dutch language.

How exactly did you fix this?
I want my website to be on spanish and it stays English...
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