Spring is Finally Here!

LightWolf posted 21st of April 2010 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with the members and staff here. I also hope all is going well for staff members that are still surrounded by mans violence against man.  This time of year is my favorite as it is the beginning of new things, and new ideas. I have not posted on here in awhile, and am sure there are some who are very happy with that. I have been watching the battles that still go one here and decided to keep my nose clean for awhile and not respond to any of them..lol Well the reason I am posting now is, I would like to ask Boonex about the time period of the next update release. Will most of the errors that i see on blogs and forums be fixed this next release? I get depressed watching the trac, as it always has so many tickets on it, and when it looks like the numbers are going down one day, next time I look there are a few more added. So here is my question to Boonex. If I start my garden now, will a fixed release of Dolphin be done before i get garden done? Mind you I do my garden with a shovel and hoe, not a tiller (I know, i'm old school still), but love the workout it gives me. This usually takes me a week to get this done at my age..lol So what you think Unoboonex?..lol Just curious, not trying to be snotty, so please folks don't rip me apart like fresh blood!

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Damm.... I thought we got rid of you :p
Not so lucky my friend..lol
Sooooo....... what kinda stuff are you growing in that garden?
Well i hope this year i can keep the squirrels out of my pumpkin patch. I like tomatoes and cucumbers as well. Melons and corn are hard to grow around here without using pesticides, and i hate doing that, so will have to add something else this year. But pumpkins are a must for grand daughter. Also strawberries and zucchini as well, love making bread with that.
I gave up on trying to grow things in Houston. If you don't plant by mid February, plants will never get big and hardy enough to survive the heat to come. Birds will dive bomb anything red. Skunks love bell peppers..... plants and all. Whatever strawberries the birds miss, the snails will get. Possums will eat anything in sight.

You'd think I wouldn't have some of these critters in a residential neighborhood, but they seem to be here to stay. I've befriended a few feral cats by feeding see more them..... they have become quite friendly, and have established a no-fly zone in my back yard. If it flies, it dies. I do have to pick up piles of feathers once in a while, but I don't mind. The skunks, I just leave alone, and give them all the room they want. The possums just won't go away, although it is fun shooting them with a paint ball gun. It doesn't hurt them, but it is kinda funny seeing yellow, purple, red, and multicolored possums roaming the neighborhood.

Anyway, the one time I did successfully grow a few tomatoes, after all the money and effort I put into them, I figure those tomatoes cost me about 10 bucks apiece.
see moreI can understand the time and money. Water here is expensive so growing pumpkins can cost a lot more then buying from store. But i grew up on a farm and would like to teach my grand daughter a little bit about growing things in this modern world. Maybe this will be a memory for her after i am gone and she can continue to teacher her children. My sons, well i have 1 that loves to grow things and 2 that would not get caught with dirt under their nails, they are a bit preppy. Allergic to dirt i guess..lol
Okay so far no answer from anyone at Boonex,so how about will it be ready when my garden is harvested?
Going back to your tomato thing HL. We grew them on the sunny side of our apartments in Athens, Greece. Totally was not worth it considering the amount of time and effort put in. The amount we harvested over the whole year would have amounted to 15 euros in the markets here. Tomatoes need constant attention and watering also. So are a constant pain in the ass. Much better to grow other things that are not so picky.
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