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creide posted 25th of May 2010 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Starting my website has been dificult. I have been working on it for about 5 years now. I just recently discovered Dolphin and I have had made quite of bit of progress of getting my website up and running do to Dolphin. I want to thank Boonex for creating a marvelous application that a person with limited web skills can use to start to relize his dreams of owning his own company. My goal is simple make enough money so that I can live comfortably. I think that Dolphin is a tool that might help me get to that point. My website URL is if you would like please stop by and tell me what you think and maybe give a couple of sugestions on how to make my website better.


I started with Dolphin 6.1.6 and now I am in the process of upgrading my site to 7.0.1. I like what boonex has done and hope they keep improving Dolphin.  I look forward to seeing what awesome ideas that they can come up with.  Feel free to add me as a freind. I am looking for other people I can chat with in starting businesses. I think the hardest thing right now is the advertising and trying to get people to at least come take a look at the site. I'm looking for solutions on advertising if anyone has a way to work with advertising that would helpme or ideas please let me know.


I will post an update soon



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You have a dream that you want to make a living one day with a total of 20 Members on your site ...... comon get real
Now why do you have to come on to this guys blog and crush his spirit? You don't know if he will make it or not. Man sometimes people on here can just be down right mean! Be thankful you are breathing and leave the members to their own dreams please. I wish you good luck creide on your website. Number one thing to remember is to NOT let others try to crush your dreams. Some people live to make others miserable, and I for one have had enough of folks like that on this site.
Nathan Paton
@LightWolf: Excuse Technoman's recent outbursts. It's his time of the month. That said, I wish you the best with your endeavour and look forward to seeing more progress with your web site.
Yes so it seems, I could send him a pill or 2 to help him?
Good luck, it's a lot of work to get something like this up and running to the point where it is profitable, especially in the field of dating.

Good to see you have a nice TLD too. Not sure if you own all 3 TLD's - if you do you might want to check the .net

In response to Technomon's comment, I realize that 20 members is nothing compared to some of the other big websites but those websites had to start like this one, too. At one time they only had 20 members. (Smiles) My goal is to reach 1000 members so, I have 980 to go. Now, let us do some math using 1000 members. If ½ of those members are paying, let’s just say $5- that is $5 X 500 =$2500 dollars a month. How would an extra $2500 a month affect you in your living? It would allow me to become debt-free see more and to be able to start saving for a bigger house, better car, allow me to take my wife out a couple more times a month and maybe get that maid she wants. (She says that I am useless when it comes to cleaning around the house) If you look at my website as a means to supplement the income that I am already earning, that helps out greatly. Now, I live in a town just minutes from downtown Washington D.C. where I have a potential market of millions of people. So I need to figure out a way to advertise. The problem is that it costs money. Right now all this is coming out of my pocket. If I get more than 1000 members that will be awesome, but for now let’s start small and see where and how we grow. Do I see that this has the possibility of being big? Yes, I Do. I just have to figure out what I can do to offer a product that people would like and want to use. So technomon, in a round about way you have encouraged me to do better, and You have given me a back-handed compliment. For now, I have 20 members but eventually that will grow. Who knows, maybe you will look back on this one day and say “I helped that guy make an awesome website by what I said.”
To all others Thank you for the positive encouragement.
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