Stolen Mods

rednerus posted 1st of March 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.
Still there,
With name Onlineoffersstore, the thief is still selling the stolen mods.

This shows how easily one can take advantage of the unmatured system at expertzzz and the sellers who are losing in the process. It has been more than a month since he has started this practice, and still going ahead with his mission. I dont know when boonex is going to stop this, only boonex knows.

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that why lot of sellers stopped activity..that suck!!!and i'm ok boonex need to be more fast to stop codyt activity...
I havent stopped my seller activity, i have two new templates available, but I have definatly noticed a lack of the usual buyers.

We need to give BoonEx time to enact the Pundits as Moderators over at Expertzzz.

Then that should eliminate all illegal activity for good.
He has TWO accounts now.. he is also "dolfiles"...
As stated in an earlier Blog, the new version of Expertzzz w/ the moderators is due shortly. :-)

On a note, PayPal was able to recover my money from Cody, and I had called his Dad and told him he has needs for concern for his son and his illegal activities.
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