Stolen mods

rednerus posted 8th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 10 comments.
Looks like there is no monitoring on weekends at expertzzz. Code Thief appeared several times offering the stolen mods. He has put the stolen mods for sale again by the name matchstickjoe

If anybody around please remove the item.
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Thanks for the warning. Us newbies don't know stolen from real yet so this is helpful. I don't mind supporting someone for the work they do, this is sad and simply wrong!
His latest post has a link to the stolen mods for free.. and he even tells people to buy mods here and then dispute it with paypal!?!? I have a feeling this kid is about to get $%^*ed by the long #&$* of the law.
Cant understand his aim. He will remain an idiot of the century for sure. He is taking all the risks. But he will definitely pay price for all these stupid activities.
He is a complete idiot!
I would guess he is 13 years old and thinks he is being rebelious.... being afraid to commit real crimes he is forced to steal homemade software on a website based in another county.. and then sell if for $10. The risk! The thrill! I bet he uses words like "haxzor" and "7eet"... his shareware IP changer is cutting edge technology, hahahaha.
come on .. you got it all wrong..

733t and h4x0r :-)

and dont forget the skateboard and better protect the GIBSON from being hacked!!
HA! You can tell how 733t I am.. I don't even know how to type the damn word, haha.
Hey guys, I'm not sure whether this is the right place to report this, but can you imagine the nerve of this guy selling dolphin on ebay :

It's bloody shocking that it appears he's claiming that it is like his own development !!!
Sorry the correct link is here

Had to shorten it.
seefish imagetools and tenflags are the latest member names used by the fraudster and expertzzz have done nothing about him and i've been reporting them for about a week now, soon be time for the law to get involved, although expertzzz themselves could get trouble from it if the law gets involved, i'm fuming that expertzzz are allowing this to happen
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