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mastermindsro posted 25th of March 2009 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Unconsciously I always thinked about Dolphin that is just another free script (anyway a lot better than the others), and the development team is the "genius machine" behind this "outrageous" good script.. I now realize (funny) that they are humans like we are and they have their own personal life.. still they work at full capacity and full dedication day and night sometimes.. that's why they are truly professionals!

The rest of us, the members are as always very inpatient and want things to be made in our own way, that's because we all have our own plans and a very tight schedule.. We always want things to happen faster and be "better", although we realize that faster can mean disaster and better can become worse sometimes..

I never had something important to write on my blog but now I do.. so I just wanted to thank the entire Boonex team for their great script - the main reason some of us already have a successful social network and the reason the other ones are currently planning to start in this business (like I do). A good script under the hood hides a great potential of success, it's really only up to us now..

A free open source script like this is an amazing thing and a sign of great generosity, the Boonex banners doesn't bother me at all.. I really want to buy a "Ad-Free" license in the near future and place a banner on the footer after that, because what is a masterpiece without the author's signature?

Thank you once again Andrey and the entire Boonex team for this fantastic script and for all the time spend to develop it and to keep us updated, thank you!

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Andrew Boon
Thank you for compliments. We're all very flattered and will keep improving.
Nice blog the BoonEx team deserves to hear we appreciate their efforts more often.
Kudos. Saying "thank you" to someone is really good for the soul.

The community members also show their great appreciation to the Boonex team by posting comments to keep everyone involved.

I am sure the Boonex feels grateful to our highly involved community members.
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