The D7 Store. What am I doing wrong?

cbassthefish posted 14th of October 2009 in Community Voice. 15 comments.

I just installed the store module and WHY O WHY are members allowed to sell products in the store? Okay, there must be a demand for member to be able to sell their wares as well as admin/site owner, otherwise it would not have been coded that way, but I would say there would be much more demand for it to be restricted to the admin/site owner than for it to be available to all. Maybe I have missed something and there is an option to disable but I see no other way of disabling the members selling abilities other than hacking the code. In short it makes this option useless to 95% of the people wanting to use a shop.

Also, I was not interested in selling videos or files, but merely a few items of branded clothing which would need to be posted. Yes, including caps and t-shirts...

Think I will drop this module like a hot potato and just use a basic hand coded dolphin page for Paypal purposes.

Lastly, if the store were to be changed to accommodate items to be sent via snail mail, then the ability to record the postal address and invoice address (if different) need to be included . Also purchases need to be available to non-members.

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Can't you just disable that capability in membership levels? I love the idea of letting members sell their products in our communities. In fact, I wish there was an option for members at a certain membership level to have their own "store" that they would manage, not just their own products.
That is a bonus to have the ability to allow members to sell products on their site. Especially today when holidays are coming and money is tight. I say YAH for the store. It's always good to have more options for members to control and make money from their website. You scratch my back I will scratch
I didn't realize that part about purchases not being available to non-members. Is that true? If so, it is a rather serious flaw - you want to be able to sell your stuff to anyone who will buy.
I dont really think purchases not being available to non members is a flaw, more a bonus really if you have good products, then it will be an incentive for people to join up. Doesn't ebay work the same way. That presuming that non members can see your items in the first place.
I also think its a good thing to let members sell their own stuff, just so long as the admin has a delete button for the more unsavoury items and con jobs.
Well I at least think it should be an option. Not everyone here is building sites that are open to everyone - some are building for special communities. They should still be able to sell things without forcing people to join.
Thanks Rob. I never rechecked my member settings after enabling the "store". Yes it looks like I can disable it from there. I will verify further in the morning as it is late now (only got up as an elusive mosquito has laid siege to the bedroom. :P The wife is entertaining it now ;) ).
Okay, I see the value in member purchases now. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Knew I was missing something.
Glad to be of help, as you have also helped me many time. Nothing is worse that a mosquito in the bedroom. Thank goodness they are rare here in San Diego.
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your lucky your store is working my members cannot sell in the store which is holding up my project massively.
student jug
your lucky your store is working my members cannot sell in the store which is holding up my project massively.
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