The Day of Changes

Andrew Boon posted 28th of November 2010 in Boonex News. 4 comments.

This is an introduction post to what's going to happen today. I will add a few more posts over the next couple of hours, every one with some significant news, so I thought that some "preparation" for those would be necessary.


Changes? Again?


It is true that BoonEx has been constantly tweaking Unity, licensing terms, verification methods, pricing, etc, etc. I must say that we will probably continue doing so, and won't let you get bored. "Don't fix it if it's not broken" is not exactly our favourite line of thought.


First, support (the old-standing bone contention) is something we have always been trying to improve. Dolphin gets faster, more secure and more reliable than ever, while support still brings some unhappy remarks here and there. And, to tell the truth, it's not like we have no manpower, or will to straighten it up. The devil is in the surrounding system - the logistics of support services "delivery". Very often we miss letters, including pre-sale enquiries or urgent support requests simply due to some Agent not currently available or certain mailbox unattended, while there're people available and happy to help. We want to fix that. Heck, we WILL fix that! Today we're bringing a Unity modification that should eventually become a solution.


Second, Prime - our premium package is not without it's drawbacks either. It's too narrow-targeted, with 3 permanent licenses it may not be a great choice for most people. It is still a great value, mind you, but only for a small percentage of potential buyers. We think Prime should be all about better support, priority, and completeness. Not about wholesale bundling of licenses. So, we're fixing it today.


Third, BoonEx is about Uniting People, remember? Our dream has always been to get more copies of our products into hands of our clients, while maintaining development and business operations afloat. BoonEx is not a money-making machine and we're fine with that. So, that plus x-mas spirit add up to one more announcement for today.


Damned if you do and damned if don't.

I have it on good authority that all those changes will cause a lot of debate, plus some transition period problems are unavoidable. Please, be patient and please believe that every single change is being done in good faith, believing that it's a change for good. Once the dust settles we should have better support, better Prime and better everything else.



Stay tuned!


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Nathan Paton
Here's to people no longer posting support requests in Trac (which you might want to rename or something).
Nathan Paton
Ah, I see you've already acted.
Cool, waiting to experience the X-mas spirit ;)
cool i am also waiting for the news..
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