The unlimited license is add free or not?

totallyfreak posted 11th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 21 comments.

Hi dude, first thx for the license... but i got a problem... the license work when i enter it on a brand new fresh installation website using the last version 6.1.5 of dolphin... but after i enter the add free license... i still see all the boonex link on footer... so i decided to remove the line boonex link in the _footer.html

but now i got this error message

You have manually removed BoonEx footers without paying for the right to. Please, go to and order the ad free licenses to be able to use your site without BoonEx footers. They will be automatically removed as soon as you register your ad free licenses. Please, put the __boonex_footers__ key back into Dolphin template.

the point is... that the license is suppose to be ad free..

thx for reply

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The unlimited license is ad-free. You need to replace those links in your installation that you have removed.

Go to your admin panel > Settings > Advanced Settings > Enter your unlimited Dolphin license number in the area - Dolphin License Code > Save (at the bottom of that page > Log out of your admin panel, then log back in, this should save the new license and remove the boonex footers.

You must put the boonex footers key back in to your installation first for this to see more work.
at my place not working
Oke mines are working now...
a ok cool
thx a lot

it works fine now... but on some page.. like music upload... the boonex links and banner still appear
totallyfreak, which version of dolphin are you using.
buddy that could be the cache in your browser. if its removed it removed all footer wide universally, coz the footer coding is same all throught he script install.
the latest version 6.1.5
but it seam to work now...
but i cant test all the ray widget because the dont work... i will have to wait to get my new server to test it...
+1 @ megabyte. You have to save at admin panel then logout and then log in again for the licence to properly work. Thanks
Thankyou for the +1 topgan1, glad to help
Should be working I'll test it :D
it is working for me.. log out of admin.. then log back out.. works fine..

if i can ever figure out a way to make my sites create income i know i will do more to support boonex..

You know..... I never really did mind the ads. With the ads you show support of a really great piece of software. My suggestion to BoonEx is this. Once a person buys a license it should automatically remove banners, but the footer link should become a switch in the admin back office. That way those of us who are proud of the software can say "Powered By BOONEX" and feel good in promoting a product that serves us well!
this is a good idea. Some people that have paid for licenses, did not do so just to remove the footers but purely to support the Boonex development, etc. So I agree that an option in admin panel to have the footers or not for paid versions would be a good option. Boonex, you may find that people do want to leave them there for some as a way to generate income as an affiliate.
I agree with the sentiment of that post.. I use the mass mailer. I ask my members if they want to know how to make one of these sites for anything. Then I ask them what they are doing and see if it is something I can be involved in. This not only advertises boonex, but it protects my interest..

Also.. apparently the new licensing agreement does not remove the orca footers.
I just put new licese ,logged in .. then logout..login again nothing changed, I did the upgrade patch.. any sugestions?
well, it don't work with my 6.14 so.. i got the same error
i have two licenses number in my account which is used for Add FREE please let me know.

1.Dolphin Free Smart Community Builder " Expire FREE"
2.Dolphin Smart Community Builder " Expire NEVER"

also Orca interactive and Ray Community its expire, not have licenses number
i need help to set up a new dholphin site and some mod, can someone help me please?
I am having this issue as well, I purchased the Unlimited License and cant get the Boonex branding off of my site.
Below is the legacy version of the Boonex site, maintained for Dolphin.Pro 7.x support.
The new Dolphin solution is powered by UNA Community Management System.