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bambie posted 1st of October 2010 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

I find it very frustrating that I find errors with the script, and there is no way for me to post a ticket in trac. I be-leave i can if it pay for membership on here?


And when I report it to staff I get told they can look into it and fix it if I pay for the service. I purchased 2 life licenses for all ads to be removed back when the plans were different and with the amount of money spent on them I should have script errors fixed without having to pay.


1) I think we should not have to pay to get errors fixed when they should not be present in the script. Boonex says they do thorough testing before releasing the final release. But some errors are critical to day to day running  of out Boonex sites, so there testing can not be that thorough.


2) All verified Boonex clients who really use dolphin and has a site should have a right to post a ticket in trac for the staff of Boonex to investigate.


What do you think?

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I totally agree with you on this one. To ask to be paid to fix a product they made the mistake on is very very bad business. I will say this though, the new release is SOOO much better then before and I give them thumbs up on that one. Now if they could fix the YouTube part of the videos and the issues we have trying to download .swf files. Other then that I LOVE the quick loading of the videos and music.
Nathan Paton
I'd prefer a system in place where only those hand-selected are able to post tickets. If they were to allow everyone to do it, the amount of bogus reports would far outweigh the genuine ones. Only those who can recognize when it's a case of human error and when it's a case of an actual problem within the script should be able to post tickets. The premium system partly solves this problem, but not completely; there are still bogus reports being submitted by premium members who cannot tell the difference see more between a bug and their server's lack of mod_rewrite. With that in mind, a separate group of members seems like the best way to go.
Maybe or maybe they should have a group of testers that know what there doing, and give them freebies like licenses and modules.
Someone build a mod for Boonex to get http://www.codendi.com/
Nathan Paton
@bambie: You just want more licenses. :p

@tomakali: I don't think a Trac-replacement what BoonEx needs.
Andrew Boon
You can still post your reports, suggestions and ideas in forum. We do watch it routinely.

We keep tickets access limited for a reason. When it was open for all members we had too many duplicate reports, support requests and poorly described issues posted at Trac. We have to limit it to ensure some "filtering" before developers could work on tickets. If the issue that you report at Forum ir indeed a bug, it would be picked up and added to Trac by either a BoonEx Team member or one of see more Premium Members.
Nathan Paton

A perfect example.
@Magnusoft: Sure, i meant a proper support ticket system
as i felt kayako is more generic, i preferred to have something like codendi...
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