Time Line

Robin posted 16th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Whats the time line for the next upgrade/patch for Dolphin 6.1.1?

Also, whats the time line for Shark?

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it was promised to be ready 10 days ago. but there are some major parts they forgot, i.e. the chat admin was missing, so they have to build that section,. a chat is usless without being able to kick people out or ban anyone, and admin couldnt even make anyone a chat moderator.

why not leave them to it, so they get it right this time? dont keep pressuring them for updates that they then feel they need to release in a hurry and then need a fix for the fix, like with 6.0.004
My question isn't an intent to put pressure on Boonex, I was just asking, relax...lol

I was just browsing through trac and found it to be bit confusing so I thought I put the question out.
to be very frank I am waiting for this upgrade also. The A/V chat is a bit of a mess at the moment with multiple people speaking at the same time there is a lot of echo and my members have stopped using it. I just wish that the chat has some more features added. Does anyone know what are the new features that are being released with Ray A/Vchat 3.5.2
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