How to change Permissions !!!!

bojko91 posted 19th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 14 comments.
Hello im so sorry for my bad english but im from Bulgaria. How to change Permissions of this files
Files Current Level Desired Level

how do this and whit ...?
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open your cpanel and click once on the file/folder name (not the icon) and look for the link top right usually to change permissions.

or open your FTP navigate to the file/folder right click it and click "file attributes" and set them there.
i upload site in localhost
chmod -R Files xxx (xxx = level of access depending on what you are needing to change them too)
your own pc? or on a server with shell access?
my own pc and my OS is Windows XP. I using Xampp :)
Xampp should have command line , and you can use chmod to do it.
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open a terminal and locate that dir, and chmod it.
I might have spoke out of turn on this, I was not used to XAMPP as I dont use windows, and after researching it looks like this is a contain package.
i think Chmod is for Linux????? i used WINDOWS XP!

I have the chmod.exe if you want it, I can put up on a server.

Otherwise to make life easier I would download the above tools.
ok and put here links :) Thx so very much :)

as I said above, it would be better to download and install the tools from:

Hope this helps you.

Kind of off subject, but you're using XP to run a server? XP was not designed to be used as a server, it is an end user operating system. I know that Windows vs Unix is a long standing debate, but if you're planning on doing anything professional with your site and want something that isn't going to randomly crash every time you sneeze wrong, I'd recommend staying away from Microsoft products & go with FreeBSD
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