Streder posted 30th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
Greetings -

I am getting the oddest page when I try to load my chat room.

It loads part of the page on the bottom though the input text area is all black, and across the top there are pieces of buttons, but no whole buttons. The pie just keeps spinning and says Loading ...

Looks like this:


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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I installed the chat from the latest Ray package download and it seems to be fine - all the previously listed issues are gone.

However, if you click on the icon to start audio or video, it starts for a millisecond and then cuts out again.

Has anyone experienced this?


Also, the new issue is only an issue in Firefox - Explorer does fine

Wondering if any one has an idea about licenses. I get the undefined error when I try to change the base settings and then it won't save. I went in deleted all the old licenses for ver 6.4 and then added new licenses for ray widgets but can't re insert them as the ray widgets were installed with the old 6.4. Can anyone tell me where to delete the old licenses in the ray widgets? My dolphin beta 2 works fairly well and yes we didn't take the advice to wait till the final version as we had other see more old probs in the previous ver. If I could get the chat working it would suffice till the final 6.1. Can one just upload new modules for ray in particular in chat to be able to register them? All my licenses for ray is currently unregistered in unity, including the unlimited that I bought for av chat. Any ideas folks? It would be greatly appreciated. I believe I may have read that the new 3.5 av chat is not operable but not sure so it that is the case can the old version be input and what would the procedures be? Thanks again!
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