Too many concurrent mysql connections

Charisma posted 21st of January 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

Hi guys,

I just recieved a few hundred emails wiith the following error on all of them:
Database error in Charisma Models
Mysql error: User charisma601final already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

You need to close the mysql concurrent connection in your script. Please contact with your script writer/programmer about it. We do unfortunately not provide such code as this is out of our service area


Just wondering if there is a piece of code I can insert or something that you know of that will help me safely close the current concurrent connections for each visitor after the page has queried the items?


Many thanks




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Try this:

in your "inc" directory find the file In that file find the line that reads:

$this->link = @mysql_pconnect( $this->host . $this->port . $this->sock, $this->user, $this->passwd );

and change it to:

$this->link = @mysql_connect( $this->host . $this->port . $this->sock, $this->user, $this->passwd );

Taking out the "p" from mysql_pconnect makes it a single connect instead of a persistant connection.
Wow, awesome thankyou,
I will give this a try :)
Pretty sure this has fixed the problem as my site has just become a whole lost faster :)
I had the same problem and edited line 66 as described by TxBoxer.

But why did they put pconnect in the script if it's causing problems ? I don't really understand the use of this.
here is more about our problem and fix for that
I can't find this line of code in that file but I'm having the same problem.

Where else might I find and change this?
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