Troubleshooting Dolphin - Videos, Migrations, RMS

Zarcon posted 9th of January 2010 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Hi Members,

Since there are still many people having issues with Data Migrations and Video upload issues, I have decided to once again create a detailed troubleshooting guide to assist those who are still having these issues. The following instructions have been collected from the forum posts that I and others have given, and have proven to resolve these issues.


FIRST - Make sure your host fits ALL the requirements for running Dolphin. For instance, in video uploads, your host MUST allow Shell_Exec and POPEN in their PHP configurations.

Second - Remove any failed videos from the admin panel>modules>videos. ALWAYS Keep your /cache cleaned when making changes. You can also try removing the caching options under Settings>Advanced Settings>Templates.

Corn Job Setup:
I have seen alot of questions regarding migrations stuck in "queued" and videos not processing. So I figured I would give some of most common reason why this happens. It is commonly due to Cron Jobs!

Here are some helpful tips regarding Cron Jobs-

Most common configurations:

* * * * * /usr/local/bin/php -q /home/sitedir/public_html/periodic/cron.php

* * * * * /usr/bin/php -q /home/sitedir/public_html/periodic/cron.php

(to find your exact /home/sitedir/public_html/ edit your /inc/ and look for $dir['root'])

-I have also found that some Crons (depending on your host) have difficulties "calling" the cron job to run. I have been able to resolve this by specifying the location of the php configurations and manually entering it into the cron job command: (See below)

* * * * * /usr/bin/php -c /home/sitedir/public_html/php.ini -q /home/sitedir/public_html/periodic/cron.php

continued below....

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Continued from above...

Video/Cron Job Processing:
-Please note that you should allow sufficient time for the video to process. When you upload videos, they may not play instantly. Some videos can take at least 4-5 minutes before they display on your home page or video albums.
-If you attempt to view a video (like from the Admin Panel) BEFORE it has time to process, YOU WILL get an error of "File not Found".

How to run a Cron Job Manually:

There is a way to manually execute see more the cron job also, by renaming the .htaccess file located in the /periodic folder to something like .htaccess.old. You can then manually run the cron job by physically typing in the location in your browsers address bar. Example:
- You will want to make sure you have cleared the /cache (except for .htaccess) and /public_cache directories.
- When you navigate to your, you WILL GET A BLANK PAGE. This is normal. If you see that this page loads instantly, try clearing the cache as explained above and try again. The page SHOULD load for at least a couple of seconds.
** Before manually running your cron job, please verify that your cron job settings are correct. Also, if you have renamed your .htaccess file during this process, make sure you rename it BACK.

Videos/Music NOT playing- Has 00:00 as time: Pressing play does nothing: Error 'File not found'

- In some instances, it has been noted by other members that to resolve this issue, try verifying your flash/modules/video/files directory has a permission setting of 775. All of the 'files' directories located throughout the flash/modules/ directories should be set to 755.

Continued below.....
Continued from above..

- Not all RMS packages support D7. Please check with your host before asking the questions in the Forum.
- In order to take advantage of video/audio in Chat, IM, using video comments, and the use of your whiteboard, you MUST RMS installed.
- In Admin Panel>Modules>Flash Apps, click Settings. Put a check mark in Use Rms. Enter the settings provided by your RMS host.
- If all modules work EXCEPT for video comments, please note that your webhost MUST HAVE these see more ports (given to you by your RMS host) OPENED for you to use video comments.

I hope this helps alot of you resolve your issues you may be having. If you are still continuing to have problems, please post them in the forum as instructed above.
thank you for all your effort to help, Zarcon.

I havent found my exact problem in the forum. My migration process and moves around 1400 members from a total of 3790 members that I have in my current 6.1.6 site. The migration module stays (in process) forever. What could be causing this problem?
@pacocaceres: I have the same issue. profiles migration is incomplete. Are you able to solve it? How?

@Zarcon: thanks for the informatoin. It helps.... Maybe you could help me solve the issue as stated above.
Nothing but unresolved questions. This is useless.
***Setup Cron***
1. With Plesk, from Websites & Domains click on Schedule Tasks.
2. Click Add Task.
3. Under Task type, select Run a PHP script.
4. Click the folder icon and click on your sites base folder, e.g. http, httpdocs, www, web, and then click on periodic > cron.php and then click Select.
5. Under Description give this a name, I recommend the sitename Video.
6. Click Apply then click ok.

***File size Requirements***
1. From Dolphin Admin.
2. Click on Settings and then see more click on Host Tools.
post_max_size = 209715200 - OK
upload_max_filesize = OK
3. If incorrect from Plesk click on Websites and Domains.
4. Click on PHP Settings.
5. Settings are about half way down under Performance and security settings.

***Set ffmpeg.exe permissions***
1. Check the permissions from Dolphin admin. Click on Host Tools and then Permissions (up right corner).
2. Scroll down to Flash files and make sure under flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe shows Executable.
3. If not, from your FTP client goto flash/modules/global/app/
4. With my client you can right-click and set properties for a file. The permissions for this should be 0755.

*** Clear Cache (!!!! This is what broke video for me. It lead me on troubleshooting for days the first time. Everything is right but the video gets stuck processing forever!!!! I am pretty sure this happens on every 7.3.5 install !!!!)***
1. From Dolphin Admin click on Modules and then Videos.
2. Clear any videos that are processing.
3. Click on Tools and then click on Cache and then click All.
4. From your FTP client, delete the files (Except htaccess) from both the cache and the cache_public.

***Test it***
1. Now go upload a video then return to Plesk, click on schedule tasks.
2. Under your newly made cron job click Run now.
3. JUST WAIT it can take a long time.

I have had to do this twice now. Both times it came down to clearing the cache from the Dolphin admin tool. Everything seems right, but it is that cache. Sorry I only showed how to set up the CRON on Plesk, I don't have dolphin set up on a cPanel or Emby, there are countless posts on how to set it up manually if needed.

Good luck, hope this helps people that get stuck on this.
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