Tutorial: How to make Money with your Dolphin site

Andrew Boon posted 22nd of December 2010 in Dolphin.pro News. 16 comments.

Once again a tutorial from mrpowless, and it's talking about an uber-important topic - money making! There are many ways to monetize your Dolphin-based community site, but not all of them are immediately obvious. So, mrpowless walks us through his ideas and you're welcome to contribute yours to be added to the tutorial. This one should definitely become a work in progress!


How to make Money with your Dolphin site


Due tips will be sent to the author in short order - just give your feedback and suggestions on what should be added.

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Hi i was thinking while i was on facebook, why not a feature were a member can create ads from there homepage like 1000 impressions costs $5 the price can be set by the admin also at the same time the member can pay to have there profile shown on a global scale or on the homepage. ive seen the profile picture feature were there is a banner with 10 members in a row, when a member pays a set price the members profile shows for a limited time before they get moved along by the next paying member. is see more there any chance of such a feature as i think it would be a money spinner.
Email marketing is a thing of the past - 90% of everyone is trying it - and no one is buying it.

There are too many gurus selling fancy sales pages with fancy garbage ebooks.

...And you won't get rich on ebay any more - it just doesn't work for the average person.
90% of people trying email marketing don't know how to do it. Email marketing works when performed correctly. People are making fortunes selling information via ebooks. Just because a person doesn't know how to identify and connect with their market doesn't mean those marketing tools don't work.

Useful information for those starting out in online marketing and want some basic tips.
Great tutorial on how to be an email spammer.
RE: "90% of people trying email marketing don't know how to do it."

Who cares? 100% of the email marketing I receive goes directly to the trash bin.... that must include the 10% that "know what they're doing". That 10% must come from extraordinarily gullible people.... the same ones that lose money on the Nigerian millionaire emails. Email marketing campaigns are all the same.... send out mass emails in hopes some of them find their way to gullible idiots that will buy your see more totally useless "product". I'm doomed.... I afraid I will never be able to 'connect' with those sort of people.
I have seen email marketing work, but for a very small % of email marketers.
I get a ton of spam emails that I delete just like joustonlively does.

But I also have membership in forums that I pay $60/month to stay a member. When they send me email I open it. I get email from them every week.
I also get email from a few marketing gurus that I open almost everytime.

Have I brought any product suggested through email?
Yes several.

Have they been useful?


As see more far as making money from community sites is concerned there are many more ways than banner ads and emails and subscription.
Check out the book Smart Start-ups by David Silver.

The difficult part has always been growing the membership.
I also was thinking the same as imoverhere wrote in the 1st comment of this blog.

Hope this would help to earn money. But it should be easy to use for users.

And a company promoting link where company owner creates a company page just like in twitter or facebook. (with two options one is free and one for paid)
May I refer to a blog post?


Its a great tutorial. However, its a lot of putting the cart before the horse kind of logic. All these are great ideas. Mostly old school but all good ideas that work. But YOU FIRST NEED TRAFFIC AND LOTS MEMBERS LONG BEFORE YOU WORRY ABOUT HOW YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE MONEY.

This is called the investment stage. If you don't have the cash to make the investment and take the risk then you need to find it or find another game. This is where you make nothing for a long time until you have enough members see more and traffic you can start sticking some ads and other offers to try and make some cash. Don't even worry about any of these ideas until you have a min of 5K members. Critical mass for building your community will not even begin until you get somewhere between 5K and 10K members.

So stay focused on building members and members that revisit over and over again so your traffic soars..! DO NOT scare them away with to much in your face advertising to soon.

To make money online you cannot jump to quickly to how you are going to monetize your site. Focus on how you are going to market your site first...! Find as many ways as you can to gain traffic SEO both PPC and Organic and there are thousands of other ways. You just need to RESEARCH RESEARCH AND RESEARCH and TEST TEST TEST TEST AND TEST AGAIN..!

This tutorial is good but mostly old school news. As my grandfather used to tell me the guy that makes money does not tell you how he makes it or you will be making his money:-) He also used to say the guy who tells you how to make money you need to pay close attention to that guy to see if that is indeed how he is making his money. If not then he may not be the best person to take advice from for making money:-)

FaceBook is a perfect example of a company that did not put the cart before the horse and focused on investing and making sacrifices upfront then worked there way into how they were going to monetize the site after they had members and traffic. FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER FIRST THEN YOUR POCKET BOOK WILL GROW AT A LATER TIME..!

Always remember the Golden Rule..! You must give in order to receive. Do not focus on today's dollar but instead focus on longterm. Boonex totally gets this and why they give see more Dolphin away knowing that a percentage of people will indeed upgrade over time as well as ads on free sites will indeed feed the same process all all over again of new customers.

Email marking all I can say is you better have a very clean opt in list ONLY..! ICAN LAWS are very tuff these days and fines can be unreal...! Squeeze pages are kind of the thing of the past. Blackhat kind of approaches.

BUILD YOUR SITE focus on GOOD content relevant to YOUR niche and put your efforts into YOUR site domain name not a Squeeze page. Old school.

Build Quality and focus on gaining TRAFFIC the rest will fall in place. Offer believe it or not will find you when YOU HAVE TRAFFIC..!

Banner ads don't work unless you have google or someone big paying by the click.

The problem with email marketing now is the list, and you can't build a list when every single person you are trying to market to can get it almost free or for free from the same source you are marketing from.

Too many know the ropes now, and even the gurus are losing the battle big time - you see them every day trying to sell garbage stuff out of jello trees with fancy sales pages and a seven dollar sign instead see more of what use to be $99.00 or more.

I have grown with the best, and watched them die out slowly over the past 13 years - email marketing is dead , video marketing is fast following and social networks better have something REAL usefull for the people they are targeting or THEY will die out too.

...as far as the gurus go with thier lists - I have even seen them go from 150 thousand subscribers down to them selling thier last lists of less than 4 k members simply because they burnt out the people by re-starting new lists over and over with some bs crappy stuff worse than the last rehashed dump they left behind.

Email marketing? ..... zzzzz .. even spammers are sad! :)
Here are some other ideas for you. If you want to test Squeeze page ideas out. Then make different versions of Squeeze pages into your own site funneling them directly into your Join Pipeline. The more hoops a potential member however has to jump through to join your site the less likely they will be to join.
re>> The more hoops a potential member <<< yes and it better look like dollars sign imediately to them or poof! They are gone.....
Nice banter thus far. I have a list of just under 24,000 members and they open almost every one just like busdost explains. When you are building your member based site, you are building your list. This list is a gold bar to any marketing exec. Please insert alternatives to email marketing which is proven effective and need not be debated. Thanks budost will add a few pointers from that book.
Wow Zorro! You really seem to know what your talking about. Good advise best Internet advise I've ever heard really thank you for the billion dollars information. Thank you again. Buddy
What about building a module on Dolphin that works like a storefront (with products categories and a cart) for the members?

If you build a niche community, would be nice if members could sell and trade stuff to each other (and to the casual visitor) directly from their profile.
The site owner could then get a small fee on every sale.

A proper integration with a an existing e-commerce platform could work as well.
The market is there and a module like that could be huge.
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