Tutorial: How to work with icons and images in Dolphin

Andrew Boon posted 27th of February 2011 in Dolphin.pro News. 8 comments.

A new tutorial that's bound to become very popular. Submitted by ggsinc, it's a nicely-structured overview of how to deal with images in Dolphin:


Tutorial: How to work with icons and images in Dolphin

Dolphin image storage has it's own internal logic, but when you first encounter it you may feel as though the images you are looking for are hiding from you. This Tutorial will help you find the images and the ways to edit and replace them. This is only for the actual images and icons on the site. The formatting images (such as backgrounds) aren't included here specifically, but you can use the techniques in this Tutorial to find them, as well.


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Wow. !
Nice work. . . . .now its easy to customize icons/images and give it your look. . . . .
Awesome work done. . .
Thanks alot. .:-)
Very very well done :-)

Thank you so much ggsinc!
best work but missed how to change icon messenger and iPhone/Android rebranding

thanks also
Since it's so long, you might try using the "find" feature on your browser to find something specific - and/or look at the file that I included w/ the complete list of all images that I could find anywhere in the Dolphin install. The iphone/android app icons are in there, but if you are referring to the images found w/i the apps themselves - you won't find them. This is only the icons and images in the default Dolphin install.
Impressive work. Tremendous asset for working with Dolphin. If other aspects of Dolphon were 1/2 as complete, we'd be in business. =)

I do have a question though not sure if this is the right place to ask:

Since Dashboard and Profile seemingly contain many similar functions, I consolidated the two under the Profile top-level menu, and removed many submenu items I didn't need. Unfortunately the submenu items under the new single Profile menu don't all use the same icon (because they came from see more Dashboard and other places). I tried updating the Picture field for these submenu items in the Navigation menu with bx_profile.png but it didn't work.

Any idea if/how to make all the submenu icons the same in this case?

Dolphin seems to have some peculiarities about what images and what folder locations that it will allow you to enter into those fields, and I haven't managed to figure out the strange logic of it all. I would recommend saving the image you want to use for both of these as both image names and upload to your template folders.

For ex. if you want to use the default bx_profile.png: 1. save the image to your desktop and rename it dashboard.png. 2. upload the new image named dashboard.png to the folder see more /templates/YOURTEMPLATE/images/icons/. 3. clear your cache and reload your browser.

The image should now show up in all instances as the same for both categories.
Hello Everyone,

We are LEADERS first of our site and it is up to us to shape, mold, guide and help change behaviors of our members by being proactive (help to change it) not (re-active, ie oh my another member has forgotten or overlooked the opportunity to change the avatar during sign-up) and then you try to chase the member to ask him or her to please upload an avatar image. We all know that this can take a "lifetime" to accomplish especially if you have a very popular website.

Here see more is my solution that I would like to share with all of your because in the final end it does not matter if it was a man or a women who by passed or overlooked the opportunity to change their avatar and now your member block looks like silhouette bomb hit it. This suggestion will help ALERT them to the fact that their avatar does not look like the other avatars where members actually upload a photo or image thus helping to reduce the grey silhouette pollution..............LOL On my site I change the silhouettes to an image that reads "NO AVATAR SELECTED" it is the same image for both men and women members (we can always check for how many we have of each sex in our admin panel).........This way when the member logs in they will see that they did not select an avatar.......and they will either ask questions about how to do it (which I have in a knowledgebase Q&A area of my site, or they will just figure it out and do it themselves. I mean let's face it, the truth is nobody likes to be different from the community or look like an oddball...........LOL

I have provided the link below to the image (it is already sized to the 64x64 pixels) for everyone to use if you like my "proactive" idea.....To see it in action you can take a look at my website at: http://www.socialpuzzlecommunity.com

image located here: http://www.socialpuzzlecommunity.com/images/noavatarselected01.gif

Than you and I hope this helps.......

Kind Regards,

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