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Mike posted 4th of January 2010 in . 10 comments.

The new Unity is up and running, and there are some new features here that should make life a bit easier for us all. One of these that I think is particularly useful is a reset feature in your My Licenses section that allows you to remove the currently registered domain name and use that license elsewhere. No longer is there a need to contact us and have us manually reset that license for you, you can do it yourself without waiting for all the email work. Right away, on your own with no fuss, no muss! After helping to do this for many a customer (no complaints, indeed, happy to do so), I think that all of us will find this makes handling license re registering a snap! Enjoy the new Unity.

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And the iPhone source download fro PRIME customers! Thx 4 that!
Wait! No! Everyone gets to use iPhone - just that Primes get to re-brand them for their own site (one domain). Like that?
That's an extremely useful feature, can't begin to elaborate on how useful that will be to me.
Yeah, Mydatery - will save Lyubov and I a few mails too! ;)
so when you mean by reset my licences is that mean i can use it with a diffrent domaine name without have to pay or i still have to pay ?
No pay - just clear the current domain name and register on a new one! We always handled that in-house anyway and never charged when asked. But now you can do it yourself! Enjoy!
Does this mean that I can use one of the licenses I have to develop a site on an address such as http://dev.domainname.com/ and then (once development is finished) when I assign the real license (a new one) to http://www.domainname.com I can reset the license for the development site to develop the next one? This will be a wonderful feature if so, and one I am desperately in need of. Is there a limit to the number or resets that can be performed?
Yup! That's exactly what it means! Merry Christmas..... no limits that I have heard of, and would be kinda dumb anyway - but a fair question. If I find otherwise I'll advise you here or in a new blog post! Have fun with it.
That's great. Just a question ... does anybody knows how long does it takes for the new domain to be registered, because I did it more than 48 hours ago and untill now it's still unregistered.
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