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CodeSatori posted 13th of March 2010 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Ever since the revamp of Unity, there have been quirks here and there, some of which have been addressed, and some of which have not. I have just loaded the front page of Unity Blogs, and it booted in with the following MySQL error, which has happened quite frequently over the last week. I have noted it several times before; here's a dedicated blog.

I'd hate to see this go unaddressed until such time when the database server goes fubar belly up, and our discussions will be gone with the wind! (Here's to hoping backups are rolling out steady.)

Unity Blogs Failure

To view the error in full size, see here (and for subcomments, see here). Error 28 by MySQL stands for "No space left on the device". My guess is you have some temporary tables being built and taken down, and that's why it happens occasionally. You must be close to hitting limits on your server. I have also seen Error 127 referenced, which generally stands for a corrupt table, and Error 28 is one of the possible reasons why this may happen. I've seen this happen at least a couple of times every day. (No I don't monitor Unity 24/7! =))

Either your server is running out of space, or there's something funny going on with your MySQL server. First off, someone should go and optimize your tables with OPTIMIZE TABLE (or just do it in PHPMyAdmin). (And you could also look at optimizing that monster of a query a bit next time you tweak your Unity software, as I see you're running off live data here...)

Are others experiencing the same problem? If so, please post in a note on how frequently it happens, and if there's anything from your side you think might have caused it, to help the staff debug and fix the issue. (To me it comes across as totally random, but perhaps someone else sees a pattern there.)


With this post, I also want to return my older post on Dolphin 7 Error Scenarios and Failure Handling back to the attention grid, as it is a very important issue, especially given the critical vulnerability scenario I accidentally triggered when I was doing test D7 installations, and the fact that a malicious hacker could devise means for exploiting it under certain circumstances

And on that note, could we please have the Unity Blogs home page list the latest 20 or 30 blogs instead of 10; or even a dropdown to select it ourselves!; as they fall off the main grid faster than the related brainstorms -- with some excellent input and points of view -- are over.

Don't mind my input -- since Boonex is short on manpower for analyzing code, I'm assuming feedback like this is registered as helpful and welcome, whenever you get around to looking into it.

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Yes -- get the same thing myself, but not always the same error.

It amuses me that the errors should be so verbose - not exactly a security-conscious server setup.

It's been the same query that's been failing for me, alternating between error 127 and error 28. Been seeing more of the 28 the last couple of days, before that it was 127 which was a bit more ambiguous.

What I've done with my own systems is restricting the error dumps on a member level basis, and ensured that fatal error level crashes with debug dump don't happen to begin with. Been working well enough so far. Admin gets the full debug dump with queries and PHP errors, Members get a message see more telling them there's been an error and the Admin has been notified, and the full error dump is logged to database on the background in all cases.

Instead of implementing a full error handler, I've simply switched on output buffering as a capture device, the contents of which I analyze against keywords (as either PHP/MySQL/random output) and categorize, and clear the buffer after it goes through the error handler. (MySQL errors have a separate handler that logs a bit more detail.) Since PHP doesn't allow fatal level error interception in either case, all you can really do in that department is to try to ensure that areas of code with potential for fatal error are immune to missing input from the get-go.
Thank you for pointing it out.
We are working on it now.
I have now also seen it when attempting to view a member profile; the same getAll query. Please let us know when you have it fixed. I'd also be curious to know what the problem was, if you don't mind.
Just to let you know that these errors have been coming in with increasing frequency, and your site has also been quite slow-loading. I guess the recent spur of activity has contributed to it.
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