Unity gives error - not able to generate licenses

infrenion posted 13th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.
While generating licenses for Ray widgets - Unity popup error that Not able to generate licenses - I think you need to fix your Unity System.

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There is nothing to fix. Everything is working fine as it should.

The only thing which has happened, is a little interruption for a short period. This was due to the some changes and updates which were applied to our BMS.
I also have a license related error. I can generate the licenses, but when I try to enter them on the widgets, the widget does not recognize the license number as valid.
Any ideas?
I have the same problem can not install the license please advise
I keep getting Wrong license when I try to install the license for free Ray How do I fix this
The suite is not usable what am I doing wrong
I had the free Dolpin installed. It took the license for Dophin and Orca but not ray
please advise
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