Upgrade Path For D7 Beta Revisited

cbassthefish posted 17th of September 2009 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

I thought I would once more broach the subject of a beta upgrade path. I have seen a number of calls for this to be implemented, but I did not really agree or disagree with these calls because it would slow down the development of D7, in taking it from the beta to the release stage, as major changes were being made to the underlying data structure i.e. Boonex would not be able to guarantee your data integrity between upgrade and it was probably unfeasible to even attempt fixing up existing beta data. So I have taken a passive approach to this subject until now. So here is my question:


As we are so close to the final release, once the next D7 beta is issued, is it possible to support an upgrade path for subsequent betas?



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From Beta 5 to Beta 6, I was able to overwrite only the changed files and run a few sql queries to do an upgrade on a test site. It took about 2 minutes to extract the changed files from the D6 package and create a zip file (about 950K in size) Another 2 minutes to upload the zip to the server and extract the files, overwriting the old ones, then 10 minutes tops, to run a few sql queries on the DB.

It may have just been a stroke of luck to be able to update the db that easily... there's no guarantee see more that it will be just as easy between B6 to B7.
That sounds pretty promising.
One wouldn't expect many (or any!) database changes at this point from version to version, when we're already talking late beta --- or if there are, the current D7 is *early* beta, rather than late beta.
I love the idea of supporting an upgrade path for the next beta- but why not this one? I hope CodeSatori is right about few if any db changes, because I am sure everyone wants to get going on their sites. It seems to me that fewer bugs are being reported, but this is probably not because there ARE fewer bugs, but because people are sick of tearing down their work and starting over, so people are now waiting for the release candidate. Boonex - if you are reading, how about this: an "unsupported" see more upgrade script starting with D7B6. In other words, you basically say, "here is an upgrade script, but if it doesn't work, don't blame us". It would be better than nothing.
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