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houstonlively posted 10th of February 2011 in Community Voice. 16 comments.

A lot of people ask for the ability to embed videos from more sites than just youtube, when using the embed option in the video uploader.


Is there some reason this can't just use HTMLPurifier to clean the embed code?  We don't need to have a system where you just post the video url, and have the embed code reconstructed by Dolphin before posting.  Why not just have a text area to place the embed code in, and run it through HTMLPurifier? 

Wouldn't this be a lot simpler than the present system?

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If they implement this then Rayz who is integral part of Boonex cannot sell his mods then...

hahahaha justa jokin

But HL good idea appreciate it.

Good... then maybe he'll have more time to work on flash app skinning.
Sounds about right to me.
i agree were i can embed any code from any site. this is a good idear
Of courese is a great sugggestion
in a lot of forum with bbcode you can do this, but not via Dolphin
You can use embed code from any site in most areas of Dolphin. This blog is specific to the video uploader embed option, where youtube is the only option.
The module from ilbellodelweb for IBDWSpyWall use the video embed funktion (ContentSwitch for IBDW SpyWall >1.9.0 (for D7.0.X) Right??

This will be great to emded all video website.
I don`t now if is possible withe the module from rayz
Or he need some modification in dolphin and the Module fromilbellodelweb too.
agree.. it should have..
Video thumbnail and video title is necessary for proper video displaying, with blind support of any video embed it is impossible, each site has own API or some type of standard. As the result each video embed object is added custom way, to get all this data. By default only youtube video ebbed is supported, but there are mods which supports more video embeds.
then making a tutorial for unity members can be an option. so people can do it for the sites they require as an embed option.
and i mean an easy tutorial for people who are not very good when it comes to programming.

what do u guys think of this ?
When you use the api, yes it is impossible. What about adding another method called 'Generic Embed', where the user adds the embed code, title, and description to a form, and just submits the form through HTMLPurifier? It would give people a way to add videos from any site to their video pages. I know it's not as robust as using an api, but it's something. There's been a lot of interest in something like this..... might be a good mod for someone to develop.
Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider this option in the future.
Future is here, Dolphin 7.2 is here, but still just with Youtube embed available...., shell we wait for further future or not?
I think that there WAS a mod for this in Dolphin 6.0 and it disappeared. I know that there was a generic video embed which accepted code from a number of different websites! Maybe I should check my archives to see if I still might have it!!
you know they wont do it like that! it would be to easy!! after all it is available on just about all software out there!
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