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unlimeet posted 31st of July 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

I am just glad to introduct you our dolphon release : http://www.free.sk

First, I wanted to thanks all people here who help me answering all my stupid question and all people who provide me great mod.

We improve a lot the "basic dolphin" by adding :

  • A wap version for uploading all pictures and videos you just take with your phone (visible in this adress : http://wap.free.sk)
  • A new media gestion, media are now order in category, we can make them private (with a password for each of them) and with new player (include playlist)
  • A adult category with paid by SMS media
  • A nice graphic

I will be glad to know what you think about it, for moment the website is in beta test, it will be lauch in september by the biggest slovak portal in cooperation with t-mobile. Some Tv spot are currently being done and we will be happy to have all your opinion before the official launch.

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Friend, do you will sell this ?
New design, new version ... what do you think about ?
Really great.. I really need something to get private media especially for videos.

Is there any chance I can find help about that?

Im really impressed with the site you have made. I would love to know how you got the catagories in each section with the search as well. Please let me know if you can, Thank you.
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