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tomakali posted 25th of February 2011 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

My site   : www.tomakali.net

Alexa      : 417,539

Members: 657

Invested: USD 2500 for Mods,SEO,SMO,SEM

After investing on SEO,SEM my site grew in ranking from 1 signup/week to 5 signup/week

My learnings: Do not invest too much on content building for new websites, concentrate on member building

Invest USD 1,000 for seo for the first/sixth month which will give a boost to grow rest of the year.

SNS is very important for the site's engagements

Donot allow all members to post on blogs, selectively allow according to their behaviour

Beware of chineese/nigeria internet goons.

Spend quality time to visit member profiles, learn them

Dont sit and relax thinking websites are automated earning machines

its not worth to try google adsense unless you reach Alexa 99,999

Once you reach Alexa 99,999 start building blog contents

Be specific about inpage seo, use google keyword tool for good.

Target some activity/mass mails every WEEK wrt to your local festivals or sports/hypes


Webmaster share your success stories which will be helpful to others :)

Let this be a tutorial to newbies

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see more"Beware of chineese/nigeria internet goons." - All other goons from around the world are ok then right? ; )

But more to the question you posed here (and a very good one BTW)

Just speaking from past experience, people don't like change. Get a site format and try to stick with it as much as possible or you seriously risk losing the members you have. Google supports this opinion, I believe.

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