What a Day! Google cancelled my AdSense and Server was Suspended!

JasonVan posted 17th of March 2011 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Wow!  Yesterday was quite a day.  First I noticed that all my Google ads were gone off my site.  I checked my AdSense account and sure enough my account was suspended because Google found mature content on my site.  This can happen when you get hundreds of new members a day, and you don't have time to moderate everything consistently.


Then a few hours later my dedicated server was suspended by my hosting company due to a complaint from Yahoo that my site was sending spam email.  Wow!  When it rains it pours.  All this on the night when I had parent-teacher conferences (I'm a high school teacher), and didn't have time to deal with any of this.


But today was a definitely a better day.  I got the suspension on my server removed, although it took a lot of emails to my hosting company.  I still need to look into this issue.  I also sent an appeal to AdSense.  The first appeal was denied.   However, I persisted and sent another appeal.  This second appeal was accepted and my Google AdSense account was reactivated.  I can once again place ads on my site, although they may take till tomorrow to start showing again.


Just I thought I would share...



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Telling everybody on this site how to get Google to shut you down, was not a very smart move on your part. Don't be surprised if you now see a jump in this sort of activity on your site.
Andrew Boon
Good fighting! If you do see a "jump in this sort of activity", please let us know. It would be interesting thing to explore.
Houstonlively, I hope you are just being overprotective of me. Anyhow, as long as they click on a few ads before I block their IPs.

I am about to implement a new strategy that will ensure I never risk my AdSense again. This means using a perfect combination of these ads only in certain areas, and using other ad companies and affiliate ads in other areas of the site.

I'm also planning to spend more time moderating my site. I get enough actual members posting mature content as it is, so see more I'm really not too worried about one jerk here exploiting what I've shared to take me down (for whatever reason). It is after all a late night hook up site, so I guess I should expect some "mature content".
I'm just saying that there's enough sleazeballs on this site to try and screw you or someone else over, by posting adult content on your sites. They'll do this just to be pricks. It's happened to me before. I just never think it's a good idea to make things like that public, and give the nut jobs ideas.
I'm grateful you two brought this topic up. I'm sure the people who actively try to attack competitors websites (instead of focusing on their own) would have already know this strategy.

In my case, as a newer user, it definitely helped me keep an eye out for another form of abuse, repercussions, resolutions and precautions moving forward.
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