What about identical mirrors to prime TLD with permanent License?

meinecommunity posted 15th of July 2009 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Hi all. I wasn't able to find the specific answer, looked in the Beta/RC forum for it. It would be great to receive an answer directly from the owners/developers of Dolphin since nobody would know the answer better than they would ...

Anyway, my question has to do with top level, yet identical mirror domains. For example: We own a total of 12 TLDs for our site. Only the main site (www.einfachclicken.de/) contains the files, infos, portals, images, etc. However, we're also referencing the remaining TLDs that we own through our server, in order for those to automatically resolve to the files within strictly the primary TLD. Even though www.kraftmaus.de or for example www.mausimhaus.de use only the files from the primary TLD, this does not VISUALLY appear to be the case for our visitors (server settings, what can I say)?

So, since SSH, FTP, and our primary TLD along with all of the other TLDs are using one and the same I.P. number, would our manner of mirroring the primary TLD be okay to do with one permanent license? Those mirrors will never ever change, they simply serve to prevent others from using those TLD names, while directing queries to the proper primary pages. Hope I was able to ask this correctly because it would be nice if the permanent license agreement could/would stipulate the usage of a single primary domain OR one server designated I.P. when using dedicated I.P. numbers on domains.

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Andrew Boon
Domain redirects or mirroring is Ok, as long as you have only one instance of Dolphin is installed on your server and the license can be verified for the host domain.
Thank you very much. That will not be a problem and that's what I needed to know. Have a great day!
Good to know this! Thanks!
Also, if you have the prime package, it was recently opened for 3 licenses.
Brilliant for us, having one "local", one international and can now place 4 TLD's on the third.

Have you any experience with how this works in regards to google "duplicate content" policy?
I guess the google tools are the best bet for different language versions, (and then possibly mod_rewrite/modsecurity/geoip).
But for one language - exact same content, I am not too see more sure - might affect with 12 TLDs?

My experience is a two language version.. Default-language in dolphin seemed to not work for all visitors, and google got them both. (logs often show both langs visited by the bots, but normal enough without any config in robots.txt)
Might just remove english language from one of two licenses now.
Got much more international traffic than the expected local searches. (luxury problem in this case, just redirecting all foreign traffic from that site to some html file.)

Maybe some random or TLD specific content on main dolphin case is an idea.. Or is it not gonna give google page rank penalties at all? (maybe the limit is more like 200 duplicate pages.. who knows? :)
Unless you change the settings manually for Google, it automatically reads the location i.e. country of your IP and defaults to that for your searches. This is of course very annoying for anyone who fluently speaks 2, 3, or more languages - habitually searching for the best keywords in the language from which they're expecting to view the results. Used to drive me nuts to search for stuff in english while in Germany ... only to receive a bunch of crap that didn't apply because a fraction of German/Austrian see more sites had what I was looking for, as opposed to USA/UK sites with tons more info...

I have no idea how that stuff with the licenses works. We've been saving ours because we plan on ripping loose the most incredible community that anyone's ever seen by the end of the year. Tons of prep work for that though before we actually get things going online. It'll be the world's largest freebie community, but kind 'a hard core and in your face too, to preserve freedom of speech and have tons of dialogue going with all walks and all cultures. Entertainment like movies, music, games, tools, etc. too of course. No porn though or gratuitous violence, too much of that garbage around as it is.
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