What if Boonex goes down?

magic123 posted 3rd of December 2010 in Community Voice. 14 comments.

Hello all,


If Boonex closes down -- goes out of business -- what would happen to all the dolphin sites? Since sites pings to Boonex for registration validation, what happens then? Can Dolphin sites continue operating? Or will they become non functional?


This really worries me after reading a similar blog posted here way back in 2008.


This is  really  a cause for concern.  But with Victors Answer this will not suffix since we have heard and seen big big corporations going down the drains in the last couple of years.


So i think Boonex it is high time to start to think about the licensing in a different way rather than connecting to your server so atleast in the worst case the product is alive and community support can keep it alive for years to come in the worst case Boonex goes out of business and is not anymore able to support to develop.


Adapting a good licensing methodology and/or  localized version of licensing Dolphin would be a good idea instead of connecting to boonex server.  it also will ease out the load on boonex server.


I hope this will be taken as a positive note instead of a negative comment. As i support Boonex and dolphin whole heartedly and will be supporting the team as well with what ever i can .


But remember one thing folks after all Dolphin is being developed and tested by many as part of unity members and not only the company Boonex.






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If ever this happens, I'll be the first one to develop a substitute, and then no-one would be needing to ping to boonex for anything then. It'll be all open. And thats what we call "opensource".
If someone has enough to invest here in this line, it can well be done within a month.
I agree with you. The thought of this is a bit unnerving.
Nathan Paton
This has been asked in the past. Dolphin is open source, which means it can be continued by the community, but I do believe there is doubt in anyone taking up the hard work. I'd imagine BoonEx may release nulling information if they were to go under and have to take Dolphin with them, or they may also release a final version that removes the links.

I don't believe this script can continue without BoonEx or another company taking the reigns. This script is only developed and is only fully understood see more by BoonEx employees, which means any continuation by the community seems unlikely to me.

If BoonEx was to go under, I'd have to hope another company picked up the work and continued it.
there is no need for a nulled version. I can create one myself. But canot expect to put that up in market isnt it? :)
As for some other company taking up reigns, it won't be much successful. thumbs up for that
well, I'd love to have boonex free for everyone, no licenses.
I love trident to be opensource ;)
Andrew Boon
1. If BoonEx ever goes under, it would go back up in short order. We're about 100 Internet years old, have always been around and always be. A Swiss Bank or community software, if you will.

2. Dolphin is open-source. It's easy to take up on further development.

3. If anything, we do care about our clients.

4. @anyakates: sure you CAN code your own product, many tried, options are there. It's easy to start, not easy to do the maintenance. Also BoonEx IS free for everyone - licenses are for see more who want to look like they've developed their own software. We also tryt o keep licenses as cheap as possible, always barely meeting ends. Trust me - you CAN'T go cheaper and stay cash-positive.

5. BoonEx and Dolphin are only at the very beginning of the big quest. We've learned a lot and the high-times are ahead.

Thanks for the reply.

As you very well said that High times are ahead i hope so .

But my question was actually what in the worst case if the untoward happens. Does Boonex have a exit plan say selling of to another company or so or releasing a patch to remove the licensing code which is encoded as of now,etc,

This is not to panic anybody or not to make people think that this will happen . it is just to have a backup plan in worst case scenarios since we put so many efforts see more in building a good website as even Boonex has does to develop this site and we put marketing time and efforts and money into this .

I hope Andrew is in a better position to clarify this.

But no issue Andrew we are a big community here and i think we will make boonex live together.


How come you are not replying to this post anymore. I am infact still waiting for a good reply from you.

Do I understand that the licence just removes the copyright notice - and that the script will not cease to function if boonex goes under?

Re ping the servers?

If i sink an arm and leg into my project, which i am about to, i'd like to know the site would NOT go offline till i could pay a boonex coder thousands to get it functioning again.

These words are scary! :(
The license is for removing the Boonex Banners/Links that's all.
I think you are wrong here.

The licensing pings back to the boonex servers if not their is no issue to think of all this then.

Better is i suggest some Boonex staff if they answer it would help everybody and some concerns.

This post is still left un-attended to by boonex admin, meaning what magic123 is insinuating is 100% correct! I think its disastrous!
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why worry if it goes under lol there is software out there that does the same and actually works. sure it costs about the same as a prime licence the only problem would be migration.
We are here because we are all closet masochists!
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