What's happening re NBT

Stuart038 posted 27th of October 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
When is the NBT coming out and is there any more info on this? Plus, when is Dolphin 6.2 due for release? Keep up the good work!
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Dolphin 6.2 will start being beta tested within about 2 weeks i understand, the usual testing is done on boonex.us, once installed on there, it is usually 2-4 weeks and staff are usually in chat to take live bug reports found. some are fixed live on the spot while others might need some more work.
after about 4 weeks, a public released Beta is made available with 6.1 you needed to remove this as it could not be upgraded to the final version.

6.1 was released early from pressure from members see more screaming out for it, i hope this mistake is not made with 6.2 and the following fiasco that followed 6.1

stop posting about when 6.2 is coming, let boonex work in peace and get it right this time. they do not need the pressure from people who cant wait.
Boonex have learnt a lesson from setting a date with 6.1 and being 2 months behind, i am sure they wont repeat that mistake again.
Sammie, thanks for the info. I am not pushing for it's release, I just want to know whats happening as I understood its release was due for November. I am starting a new Dolphin based project and was wondering if it was worth delaying it's implementation for 6.2.

Like you, I would prefer they release it when it's ready, I do not need anymore problems than is necessary.
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