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jerry79 posted 30th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Hi all,

since i couldnt find out very big and good points between 6.1 and previous version, i decieded to go back to a previous one.

Why im doing that:

I got some buyed mods for this version, also im able to integrated my phpbb2 into this. And this is one of the main reasons for me. I cant use Orca so im using phpbb2. I would love to integrate phpbb3 fully to version 6.1, but thats not possible atm for me. Maybe someday anyone gots a mod which will integrated phpbb3 to 6.1. I dont know whats about the Mod from eAses, maybe someone got some informations for this?

Anyway, i was/still using 6.003 without any problems. I made a lot of modification in it, so i wont upgrade this site.

But for now, im setting up a new site and want to install 6.0005-AdFree.

Uhh, where can i find this version?

Boonex Team, can someone give me a link to this product again pls?



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PM and I will give you the link

Hello Jerry, Cypher,

Would it be possible to send me the link too? Would like to use dolphin 6.0005 adfree instead of the last version.
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