Why are these not in the zip file?

bambie posted 14th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

File does not exist: /home/bambie/public_html/plugins/jquery/ui.droppable.js

Not in Dolphin-v.6.1.2-Free.zip when unziped

File does not exist: /home/bambie/public_html/ray/modules/global/data/smilesets/default/brands/dpc/images/arrow_style3_rev.gif

The folders brands/dpc/images none of them 3 are in the zip file

File does not exist: /home/bambie/public_html/ray/modules/global/data/smilesets/default/Brands/autoTab.js

Not in zip file

File does not exist: /home/bambie/public_html/crossdomain.xml

not in zip file

Premature end of script headers: /home/bambie/public_html/ray/XML.php

I could go on and one with my logs the files are are missing are not in the software that i downloaded from boonex is it possible that bonnex forgot to put the files in? or is the script looking for a file that was never made?

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Well i found out what one of these is about, Dolphin Hacker Safe my ARSE

I have recived these:

I have just received 3 e-mails all to info@profileconnexions.co.uk:


Please check the following link. One of your members has set up an illegal phishing attack, spoofing the Royal Bank of Scotland:



from Dave Jewell

with email Dave.Jewell@btclick.com


Account see more Locked !

Dear Member,

Due to the number of incorrect login attempts, your Royal Bank of Scotland Account has been locked for your security. This has been done to secure your accounts and to protect your private information in case the login attempts were not done by you.

At Royal Bank of Scotland we care about your security so, for your protection we are proactively notifying you of this activity.

If you did not trigger this lockout, follow this link to Log on to your Royal Bank of Scotland Online Account :

Click here to unlock your account

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Royal Bank of Scotland © 2008!


from Mike

with email mik@sasltd.com


A banking scam is directing people to a sub-folder of this website -


I've reported it to the bank!


from anonymous

with email anonymous@yahoo.co.uk
Whatever the script in /ray/ was, was exploitable and this is how the account was exploited and this malicious script uploaded.

Richard F.
Network Security Administrator
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