Why i would like to place myself forword as a modorator

WESWAYS posted 29th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 10 comments.

first thing first

hello everyone my names Wesley Williams many of you may know me from Expertzzz.com

why have i failed to post as often on here and what gives me the right to ask.

true but well i think i can  comftably say i gained alot of respect from alot of expertzzz users i am not going to blow my own trumpet i hope people who know me will vote for me which may talk for its self.

why have i not posted many things on here.

thats simple i lost faith in boonex like many and also in expertzzz but boonex gained my respect and unity is why it gained my respect i started to notice that boonex where doing something no other company can pull off it says sorry and changes what it done wrong.

where does this happen Microsoft does not ever admit to making a mastake but it does release a new version for you to buy.

boonex does not do this it says sorry and lets fix it.

my ethics are about community and i can slowly see a good community building here.

i have a simple vision

1 unity which contains all the good things we loved about Expertzzz and all the Great things we are seeing from this community now
this will only make our Dolphin Stronger and policing this is the only sure way to achieve this goal.

why me

i do most installs for free i also  was an active helper especially for "Newbies" and i very rarly sell anything to anyone in fact i have had a close working relationship with a vast majority of all the Experts and i would and have activly always preferd if its a mod that the person i am helping needs i would rather put them in  touch with a good developer then sell them a hack myself.

i am not pleading to be a modorator and i feel if you have reasons not to allow me to then please state them here you wont offend me you will just teach others and myself on how to govern such a site


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Sammie can i ask why?
Andrew Boon
Your conversation is removed. Please use PM.
Give it a bit more time WESWAYS for the members to get to know you a bit better.

I use to frequent Expertzzz.com and I've seen you post some useful info that I am sure many of the members there appreciated.

Maybe that would be something you can continue over here?

ofcourse my dear friend it was only a simple offer of help and i understand i am new i never relised foolish of me that they are both too completly different communities.

and rightly so.

i can only hope people dont judge me too harshly on my grave mastake
Sammie and the Unity Community please Accept my sincer appoligies when applying for moderator i was only offering my help and had no intention of offending anybody here.

I understand i am new to posting here and am sorry as my intentions where purly of a helpfull nature.

i hope i can redeem my self by proving a valuable asset to your community.

You are on the Pundit team for a reason and I believe you are beginning to find your niche in Boonex. You are an excellent Dolphin Installer and as a Pundit with access to the pre-release versions of Dolphin you can help to head off any installation problems which might arise with V7. Can you imagine how many people are going to need help installing V7?

Yeah sure.... why not. Good luck Wes
Guys Thanks for your support but i wont be nominating my self but will like to stay as a pundit my help is as always available but Sammie was quite right.
it is tooo soon..
For one think sure you're a hard worker and always find the way and the right way is the WESWAYS !!!!!!!
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