Why was this post removed?

Profesize posted 3rd of November 2009 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

Hello! I woke up this morning and went to check if there had been any reply to my questions only to find that not only were there NO ANSWERS but that my post had been DELETED.


Hence the reason for me reposting them.


Why is the Files module dependant on the Groups module?

On my current site (6.1.4) there are many groups that I will be transferring over. While playing around with D7 Beta8 I noticed that you cannot use the groups mod unless you have the files mod installed.

Personally I don't really see the need for files as it is something that will take up loads of disk space and make backing up even longer.

Please tell me if I am missing some obvious link between the two but if I am not, is there a way to have groups without files?


Database Migration

Will this tool simply move over profiles only or will it also rebuild the extra profile fields that people like myself have added?


CSS files & Templates

Will the current CSS files and the default template be exactly the same as in the upcoming RC? If they are then we can start making style changes now.


Email Notification

Is there a way to give members a choice on whether or not they get emails about posts, new friends etc etc? It was a choice way back in 5.4 and it is still there in my database and can be altered manually?


Please feel free to add any other questions you may have to this.

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Its in the wrong place. Put questions in the forums if you want feedback or user the Answers/Questions blogs. The regular blogs are not for asking tech questions.
I thought of doing that but questions seem to be unanswered there quite a lot so I thought I would try here to see if it made any difference :)
I raised the question about the files and groups modules interdependency several months ago. It doesn't make any sense. I wouldn't look for thoes dependencies to go away in the first release. Perhaps by R7.1 Your only choice now it to work around the issue somehow. I don't like it either, but for now, there doesn't seem to be anything that can be done about it, as it would likely create more delays that no one wants.

It's hard to tell what blog posts will stay, or which ones will get deleted. see more It really confuses me sometimes.
Definitely, such kind of blog posts are for forum discussions only.

Please re-post it there.
Hello VictorT

Can you please do me a favour and look at my history of forum posts as well as those I have put in the Answers section and then tell me how many of my questions have no responses?

Once you have done that, imagine you have a site of paying members reliant on Boonex software and see if YOU would rely on the forum as your sole means of support to get answers when a problem arises.

I was able to fix the lack of choice for my members to decide whether or not they get email notifications see more by taking the massive risk of reinstalling dolphin 5.4 and then borrowing the bits and pieces I needed from there and adding it to dolphin 6.1.4. All this because of a lack of support from the forum. I have seen quite a few similar posts, all of them unanswered too on this one particular topic as well as many others.

So I see no other choice but to reach out for help in MY BLOG in order to satisfy the requirements of my paying members.

Hopefully you will NOW better understand my posting of technical questions in My Blog.
With all respects to your arguments but, I would repeat that, such kind of discussions for Forums only NOT for Blogs.
You have actual questions, and I would be happy to answer, but I didn't find any post from you in Dolphin -> Dolphin Betas And RCs.

It seems that you posted your questions everywhere, but not in the right place!
Thank you for the offer to answer some of my questions AlexT. Could you possibly start with answering some of the questions I have put in the Dolphin section of the forum.

I look forward to hearing your answers to the questions I posted a while ago.

And I shall be posting the above questions and others too in the sections you suggested.
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