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rednerus posted 28th of March 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
I would like to see my website occupy the complete browser. Where should I make the changes so that the site occupies the whole space not leaving any margins towards left,right.

And also I would like to know if there are any plan to improve the shoutbox functionality. Many of my site customers are asking for the following modifications
1. Support smileys
2. Moderation of shoutbox (like deleting a specific message,ipban of user etc)
3. For not logged in users the name Guest is appearing. If there are 10 non logged in users who are using the shoutbox all names are being shown as Guest. Atleast if there is a sequece like Guest1,Guest2,Guest3 etc appears it is good.

I am thinking of going for a third party shoutbox widget where I can find all the above said features. If anybody has any idea of a nice shoutbox widget please let me know

Thanking everybody for their kind attention.

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there is a few in the EXPERTZ .... good luck :)
To make your site take up the whole browser you need to use the /public_html/templates/tmpl_uni/css/general.css file.
Look for .main and change the width function to width:100%;
This will make your site take the whole page up, you will however need to change your whole layout to accomodate this.
Don't forget to copy the general.css file before you modify it.

Hope this is what you wanted to know
Thanks for the info davo! :)
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