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jerry79 posted 10th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.
Hi all, im thinking the whole time about this Feature. What does it mean, which sense does it have? Any explanation? Yeah i can mark someone as featured, but what is the point of that? But one big question i got also, is it possible to search members which are featured? I think when you want to use this, then it should be able to search featured members and that it is shown up also in profile. Any ideas about this? If im totally wrong, please correct me. Greets, Jerry
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Index page has featured area where admin can place individual users with "special features". So search by this parameter hasn't sense because admin chooses users for own taste.
Hi Leonid,
thanks for your reply!
Yeah i thought about "missusing" this feature, cause i would take it as a verified tool. So i can mark them as "featured/verified".
I know there is a verfied mod out there, but its not for my needs. So i found that really helpfull to use this feature. Ill check the members and mark them. So it should be possible to seardch after these "feautred/verified".
This idea was build after i didnt understand the "featured".

So see more if it could be possible to search for this parameter and displax it also on profile, would be perfect and i think easy! ;)
the featured member sections is something that has vast potential, in that, if it had the member name age and headline, it could be sold or offered as an extra for a membership level, or even bid on by members for cash.

this is one feature that i think could be developed a lot in up coming versions of dolphin
how do I set a member to be a featured member?
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