$$$ Paid Job for v6.11 Contact Purchase Mod

Charisma posted 14th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Hi guys,

I would like to hire someone who knows how 6.11 works,
preferably one of the developers. (if thats even possible) or someone who is quick.

My new site is about to go live... :) yey!!
I have 1 or 2 minor issues and then my site can go live.

The job is for a "Contact this Member" button/graphic on the profile page
that goes to a paypal account where the users pays $2

and then it comes back to the site and displays the users contact info.

Email Address
& Cell Phone Number

This is for my model website, so models can be contacted/hired directly from their portfolio

A feature where 2 or more models can be purchased, would be even more helpful.(+$25 bonus)

So either:
A paypal intergrated button that comes back to an info page or site sends an email
or a shopping cart feature where contacts can be purchased.

Currently... paypal sends me an email with the details of which model & the email address of the buyer
I then fill out an email with the details and email this back to the user.

I want to fully automate this process, so I dont have to keep writing emails.
or possibly even if the site sends an email. that would work also.

I can currently afford $100 US$ to pay for this Job. 

$125 if it works well for 2 or more model contacts.
or $150 if you help me with a couple bugs & actually help get the site live. As its really damm close :)

My Test site is for this is %95 working perfectly.

Payment in Full upon completion & tested as working.

Please write me if you are interested

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may be considered, however payment is made first. Our name is on the line here, we dont know you though. Most guys will ask for this.... get ready.
Good luck
Oky, yup fair enough, I just want to make sure it works :)
can pay $100 plus extra for any additional work done.
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